Move warning, even when you're not using a Move controller

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So I picked up the Sly collection and just watched a video for Modern Combat: Domination, both of which have optional Move support. I am noticing an annoying trend. Games that are Move optional have this Move warning before it even loads the game. I know its just a few seconds, but we already have so much garbage before we can actually play a game that adding another layer rubs me wrong.  At very least, they should detect that you aren't using a move controller and not show the warning, or only show it once, something... 

#2 Posted by Marcsman (3348 posts) -

Move sucks. Mine is gathering dust.
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Yeah, since Move came out MAG takes ages to load due to the Move warning. It sucks and is unnecessary.  
I even bought Move recently for Dead Space Extraction and really enjoy playing Heavy Rain with it; the Dual Shock support pales in comparison and really puts Quantic Dream with its original tank controls in a bad light.  
The Move generally feels much more precise than my Kinect, however, movement controls on both systems are only kinda fun and still feel like a fad until more good software arrives. That said, the PS3 should recognize whether a Move is connected and get rid of the warnings on the load screens already, but that will never happen. Although MS gets the heat for being evil etc. Sony is, like any company, equally about making money and sticking it to the consumer, and the warnings are a constant reminder that you could be buying more hardware. 

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It’s all about making sure corporations don’t get entangled in too many frivolous lawsuits.  If you use a motion controller is seems like the lawyers at all the companies agree that some people might get disoriented and since that COULD happen they need text on their explaining that fact.  It is there so that when Earl DeBumpkin from Armpit USA doesn’t sue when he smashed his already ugly sister-wife in the face dislodging her only tooth.  Sony told you to take a break Earl!  Sony said you might get dizzy Earl so that emerge dentist visit to fix your sister-wife’s tooth is on Earl.      

#5 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5307 posts) -

They want you to buy a move controller duh. How slimy would that be if the loading screens would disappear as soon as it detected a move controller instead? 
Anyway yeah it sucks, but the Wii has been doing something like this since forever, so I guess you'll just have to get used to it. 

 In case you're extra retarded.
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Impatient much?

#7 Posted by Nadafinga (961 posts) -

This really isn't something worth complaining about. Sony needs to cover their ass so people don't sue them when they break their own lamp from flailing around. These warnings are are here to stay.

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