Need a method to calibrate a TV's picture for gaming (PS3)

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I've been fiddling with color settings, contrast, brightness and sharpness for a while here now and just can't seem to find a sweet spot in anything. I remember HALO 3 coming with a feature that helped you calibrate a TV to "ideal" settings in all of the things i mentioned above but that isn't something i have access too.

So my question: Can anyone link me to a good website, youtube video or maybe and ideally, a downloadable video i can play and pause to assist in getting a good settings calibration?

Yes i did try to Google things such as "free tv calibrator" & "tv calibration guide" unsuccessfully and will happily accept a correction in what i should have searched for.

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@fentonalpha: Go to the AVS forums and look up your TV model (it's on the back). AVS probably has an 80 page thread about your tv model with a whole bunch of calibrations including TV, Movies and videogames.

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