Need help regarding PS3 downloads!!

#1 Posted by Mr_Misery (308 posts) -

I have to get rid of my PS3 for a couple of months and I am a PS+ member. I plan on buying a new PS3 soon. Is there anyway I can add the free PS+ stuff to my download list without a PS3?

#2 Posted by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

im pretty sure u can activate the file before u download

#3 Posted by Mr_Misery (308 posts) -

@jimmyfenix said:

im pretty sure u can activate the file before u download

yeah i know i mean can i do that WITHOUT a PS3. like you can download Xbox 360 stuff to your console from there website...

#4 Posted by mosespippy (4746 posts) -

I know there is a way to do it on a PC for the PSP store but I don't know if it has the PS3 stuff as well. I bet the twitter account @AskPlaystation could answer this for you.

#5 Posted by GrantHeaslip (1806 posts) -

I don't think there is. The only I thing I can think of is Media Go, but like @mosespippy said it's probably just for PSP games.

If you know someone with a PS3, maybe you could create a user account on it, connect your PSN account, activate the games, then delete the account (while de-authorizing the PS3 if that's possible).

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