Need opinion RE: Slim vs super slim.

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So I recently decided to sell my launch 60gb PS3 and pick up a slim. I won an auction on eBay for a 320gb slim but I received a 250gb super slim instead. Is it worth going through the hassle of sending it back and finding another one or should I just stick with this one? I'm not crazy about the weird sliding disc tray and it is less storage space, but for what it would cost to ship back...I might just keep it. What do you guys think?

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I did find the lyrics to Ana's Song taped to it, so it's definitely a concern.

Edit: Although I think that was bulimia.

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Wow that sucks a dick. The super slim is so ugly - I just wish they would start selling the real slim (shady) again.

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I would just keep it unless the seller owns up to the mistake and pays to correct it. If not keep it, but give a meh review.

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Not even considering the sheer ugliness of the Super Slim, you're missing 70 Gigs of storage. I'd confront the seller.

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Well, the eBay auctions was false so that alone means you should send it back and get a refund. Then just BUY what you want, instead of dicking around in eBay.

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I think the super slim is fine. Its clearly designed to be cheaper, though. The disc tray could be nice, though. I was at a friend's party and a drunk dude somehow managed to put another disc inside of the slim disc slot while a disc was already in there. It was a hassle getting them out of there. That could have been avoided with the super slim's disc tray.

The 70 GBs less storage is another thing though. That's pretty weak. A 320 GB laptop drive is about 50 bucks, while a 250 GB laptop drive is about... um.. 50 bucks. Technology is weird.

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If it was supposed to be new, I'd try to get your money back unless it was a really good deal.

If you were buying it used, I wouldn't bother, you bought something that was probably a good few years newer, and if you were accustomed to only having 60gb of storage I doubt 320 vs 250 would ever matter all that much.

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Nah not new, it was just a good price on a used system that I can keep moving forward. I didn't have confidence in the 60gb to last the test of time. I think I'm probably going to keep it and avoid the hassle of the return, leave a neutral review. I don't normally ask for inane help on forums but this one generally had me stumped.

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That's lame. No sense in returning it now unless the seller offers to cover the cost. (To which I highly doubt)

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