Patrick and Brad totally predict The Last of Us during UC3 QL

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So I was watching the Uncharted 3 Quick Look and something caught my attention. Towards the end of the video Patrick says "Hey Naughty Dog, you should make a horror game" and then Brad says "oh man, What if they are making one right now?" I found it pretty funny that Naughty Dog has been working on The Last of Us for a while now. While it is hard to say if it will be a horror game I found it pretty interesting that they mentioned this during the Quick Look. Take a look I believe it happens at 28:51

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Nice find. Seems like they followed the logic pretty well considering the explanation that comes after that comment. I can't wait for The Last of Us!

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But who will be the last of us?

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Nice find.

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I read that as The Last of U's and I was super confused for a second

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That's pretty cool !

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makes me think about those zombie things at the end of UC1. ugh.

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