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It seems that lately we've had quite a few people asking why Giant Bomb doesn't keep track of PSN accounts or PSN Trophy data in the same way that it currently does with achievements for Xbox 360, Steam and World of Warcraft
Before providing the answer to the ever popular "WHY CAN'T I SYNCH MY PSN ACCOUNT!?" I will point out that at one point Giant Bomb did, ever so briefly, have access too and support for tracking PSN accounts and trophy data. As outlined in this topic here. Which is why some users around the site, like myself, still have our PSN accounts appear under our 'Achievements' tab when you visit our profile pages. See mine here.
However that was somewhat short lived and here is the explanation as to why. Below is an extract from this topic in which Jeff explains why PSN account & trophy tracking support was removed from the site.

No time for introductions, let's get right down to business. If you keep track of the Giant Bomb achievement tracking system, then you've probably noticed the big error message at the top of your profile page, mentioning that we're experiencing issues with getting Sony's trophy data, and that we've been attempting to contact them about it.

Well, I've got an update on that, and it's not terrific news. Sony has informed us that it's not looking to share its trophy data with external sites at this time. So, in short, we're cut off. If you want to see your trophy statistics, you'll have to venture over to Sony's official site. In the days ahead, we'll be removing PSN accounts from your profile pages. We'll leave the game-level trophy pages up, though, in case you want to see (or comment on) what trophies are in a given PS3 game. It's our hope that Sony decides to officially open up its information to sites like ours in the future. We'll keep your PSN account names on file, just in case.

So there you have it, an explanation as to why Giant Bomb does not provide support for tracking your PSN account & trophy data. So please stop making topics asking about this and instead send Sony a strongly worded email asking them to be more open with sharing their trophy data!

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