Playstation Plus question

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Hey all!

I bought a PS3 from eBay yesterday, and chances are it won't arrive for 3-4 days.

Now I know that certain games are being removed from the PS+ instant collection on the 25th, so I was wondering if I purchased a subscription before my console got here, would I be able to keep this month's games?

Thank you!

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The subscription doesn't automatically get you the games, you have to actually go through the "purchase" process on PSN. I think you can do that through the browser version of PSN and then the games should be available to you on your console.

I could be wrong though.

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So I just purchased a subscription and was able to add and 'purchase' all the instant collection games. They show in my 'purchase history' so I assume that everything worked.

Thanks for the help.

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You have to register the purchase before they're removed from the IGC, but you don't need to download immediately.

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@drekly: Yup, once you've purchased the free games, they'llbe linked to your account forever. All is well.

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@drekly: Yes it should be on your download list even if it the game is removed.

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