Please Help: PS3 Static, but only when playing A game

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I haven't used my PS3 in while, but now when I try to launch a game, the screen gets filled with static. The game is still visible under the white noise, but it's virtually unplayable. I've spent two hours trouble shooting, and I'm completely out of ideas. Here's what I know so far:

  • This only happens with games. The PS3 dashboard works fine, as do other apps (e.g. Netflix, PSN Store)
  • This happens both with disc games and with downloaded games, so it's not an issue with the Blu-ray laser or a scratched disc.
  • This issue does not occur on other consoles hooked up to the same A/V receiver.
  • I tested with multiple HDMI cables, to no avail.
  • This PS3 has worked perfectly fine before using the exact A/V setup.

Does anyone have any other ideas for things I can try? I tested every variable I can possibly think of, and I'm at wit's end. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, duders.

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I'd say it's probably the GPU giving up. I don't know how you could really test for that, other than games as you suggested, the dashboard probably isn't intensive enough to cause any issues. Could maybe also be an HDCP thing, since the PS3 doesn't need to check that for the dashboard, but does when it launches any game or bluray video (have you tried that too?), but I would think Netflix would also need an HDCP check, so that's likely not it. I have never seen any static when the HDCP check fails though, usually whatever the PS3 is trying to do is just paused until it gets HDCP authentication.

#3 Posted by awesomeusername (4230 posts) -

Check the official PlayStation websites forums or call Sony.

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@fisk0: Good call. Just tested with a Blu-ray and got the same issue. I'll take @awesomeusername's advice and talk to Sony. Thanks, y'all!

#5 Posted by PatVB (332 posts) -

Update: just spent 30 mins with Sony tech support. The PS3 works fine when it's connected directly to the TV, but they had no idea why it freaks out when it routes through the receiver. After trying everything in their handbook, they told me I'd need to have it serviced. Just posting this for posterity in case someone else has this issue.

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