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This is the official thread for posting your Playstation Network ID's.
Please post in this format.

PSN ID - Outrun2007
Location - UK
Microphone - Yes
Currently Playing - Crash Commando, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, Little Big Planet + Resistance 2

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edbtz17, from Australia
tell me your from giantbomb as well.

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Specify Giantbomb in your friend request.

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"TarDedFisH". but since my earlier one, "Laxzngr" has more ranks and stuffs in games, I usually use Laxzngr.

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Hmm, what a coincidence...

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Tell me your from GB, saves me from asking thanks 

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Keep those PSN ID's coming guys!
It might be a good idea to post what games you are currently playing or games you play online reguarly too.
I'll put that in the first post.

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I play pretty much everything.  I'm on PST (Los Angeles)

Specify GB in your request please :)

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Don't have one. Don't worry, I'll post it in 24 hours.


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Games playing right now(PS3) - MGO, COD4
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PSN iD: GroovayDude

Playing COD4, GTA IV, GH3 and MGS4

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COD4, Moterstorm, R6V2, Warhawk and MGS4. I have a headset too.

If you do want to add me, go ahead, but say you are rom giantbomb or I will probably just delete you :)

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Play a lot of COD4 mainly.

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Bilawal is ma PSN ID

Been playing non other than Metal Gear Online, plus some Civilization business.

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I'm playing Burnout Paradise almost exclusively. If you are interested in doing some online challenges add me!

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Mine is "GhostKila"

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crazy_frontman please say your from GB :)

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I mostly play burnout paradise, gta4 and motorstorm online on my ps3.

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pretty sick huh

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There's already a thread like this, but whatever.
Mine is T-Machine99
Feel free to add me.

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There is already a topic on this.

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Your only saying that cause you posted it. :P
Yeh, I didn't realise that when I posted it. This thread seems to be proving more popular anyway.

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By the way, I have a microphone guys.
Might be a good idea to post if you have one too.

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PSN ID: johndubya 

From the UK, currently playing COD4, Burnout Paradise & MSG4 (though not on-line)

Dubya out
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Ok guys, I think it would be great if we could all post like this format from now on:

Microphone? -
Currently Playing -
Time Zone -

That way, we can add people from our countries and things like that.

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PSN ID-  killer_meatballs
Microphone- Yes
Currently playing- GTA4, MGS4
Time Zone- Eastern

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PSN ID - sumgold
Microphone? - yes
Currently Playing - MGO, COD4, BF:BC and GTA4
Time Zone - PST

Feel free to add me, just say you are from Giant Bomb.

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No mic yet, I'm waiting for the official PlayStation headset coming with Socom. :D
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and metal Gear Solid 4.

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no microphone
playing CoD4 / MGO / Burnout Paradise
Time zone: GMT

tell me that you're from Giant Bomb, thank you :-)
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PSN/LIVE-      Marconi88

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currently playing: GTA4, MGS4, COD4, burnout

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PSN ID-youdie15 put giant bomb as your message subject been playing MGS 4 and preparing myself for soul calibur 4!

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"Here's my card.."

I've got GTA4, MGO and GT5:P- haven't started playing them online yet, since my PS3 was out of commission, but I'll probably be starting up soon.

I'm on the East Coast, USA.

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PSN ID - JeXus
Microphone? - no
Currently Playing - Metal Gear Online (Character name Jexus)
Time Zone - Eastern

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