PS Move sells 1 million units between North & Latin America.

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Almost a week ago we heard that PlayStation Move sold 1.5 million units in Europe alone leaving speculation as to what the North American sales figures would be. Well it has been confirmed that Sony's motion control system has sold a comfortable 1 million units between the regions of North & Latin America. 
I'm quite pleased to hear that Move is selling and Sony are having a tough time meeting demand. I just hope they manage to produce enough to meet the Christmas rush. What about the rest of you, anyone surprised by the figures for the sales in North & Latin America?

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I suppose that's pretty good. Out of all the motional controls Move seems like it has the most potential and Im glad it hasn't failed before it ever got started.

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Isn't that "sold" actually a shipped number. I heard the sold number is closer to 300,000

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Yep that is the shipped number

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that's still not terrible when you consider the move lineup is an absolute disaster so far..

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  Update: The 1 million includes Latin America (whatever small amount that is), and more importantly, it's sold to retail (not to consumers). 
Emphasis mine. This could still be a huge flop.

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@TurboMan: what do you mean?
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@jayjonesjunior:  name two games on the Move that you're excited for.
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I've never actually seen ONE playstation move controller, so it kinda amazes me to know one million people between these two continents have them.

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@TurboMan: i could name games which i'm playing right now, like MAG, Heavy Rain, Resident Evil 5, not to mention the new wii-clone-ones (i'm talking about games already released)
the only failure was not to promote the "backward" compatibility(possible with a software update) for the masses.   
new games i'm  excited for:
Infamous 2  
Killzone 3 
LittleBigPlanet 2  
The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest  
Heroes on the Move
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That's 1 million to retail....doesn't mean a thing.

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@jayjonesjunior: mostly all of those games are made for controllers first.. move was implemented later. 
Heroes on the Move looks like a trainwreck. 
 Sorcery looks halfway decent.
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