PS Plus 25% off in Europe...Dammit Sony you finally got me

#1 Posted by Bob_Loblaw (126 posts) -

So during their Gamescom conference Sony announced they'll be offering PS plus subscriptions for 25% off in Europe for 2 weeks from September 4th. This is the tipping point for me, I never thought I'd pay a subscription gaming service but for what amounts to £30 ($47) less than the price of a new game and considering the amount of free games they've been putting up lately this seems like stupidly good value.

#2 Posted by Zaccheus (1849 posts) -

My problem is that I have already played all the games, but if you haven't it's pretty damn good value for your money.

#3 Posted by Bob_Loblaw (126 posts) -

Yeah I have actually played most of the big ticket games they've put up recently but taking a gamble that in the course of a year they'll be a few that I haven't. Even just the free mini's and early beta access/cloud saving stuff is attractive at that price.

#4 Posted by GS_Dan (1433 posts) -

I now have the unexpected problem that if I did sign up, I'd still have missed out on all the great games that have already been featured :|

#5 Posted by RE_Player1 (7951 posts) -

It's so worth it in my opinion. For every game you already owned there are tons more you would have never checked out. I played Just Cause 2 thanks to PS Plus and it is now one of my favorite games this generation. Also people highlight the free games but I think the discounts are great as well. You can always expect a Sony published PSN title to have at least a couple $$ shaved off at launch.

#6 Posted by Bob_Loblaw (126 posts) -

I think there's also some real thought and good curating deciding what they offer. Just cause 2 and the 2 walking dead episodes are a prime example of really quality games that deserve the widest attention possible.

#7 Posted by Superanos (16 posts) -

Last year they gave 15 months for the price of 12 and I got it then. They seem to always be doing a deal at this time of the year.

#8 Posted by Blessthismess (19 posts) -

Walking Dead Ep 1 and 2 were a breath of fresh air. Smart idea to include them with Plus since now I will probably buy 3,4, and 5.

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i 2 have played all the games already. but for others its a good offer.

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