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Hi, Im a new owner of a PS3, Had it for about a month know, so please dont remind me of probably the most retarded thing ive ever done because i think i already know that.  
So I was playing Dead Space 2 at a part where I have to survive hordes of Necromorphs, then I accidentally Elbow my can of Coca-Cola on my Second Controller and I was also stupid enough to leave my second and only OTHER Controller on the floor at the time. I cleaned it down to a wet cloth, by the time I noticed it was on the controller, it already had alot of sticky residue on it, So i wiped it down, dryed it off with a soft cloth I got in a Computer Screen cleaning kit (not the best choice) and i got some of it on the D-Pad, which now everytime i start up my PS3, Is stuck to the right. It doesent LOOK like its stuck to the right, I can move the D-Pad fine to the left and all, but even though it doesent look it, its stuck to the right. For example, when im at the menu when I sign in, it ALWAYS goes ALL THE WAY to Message Box then it stops. If i move it to the left, It just goes to the left if i hold it down then it goes back to the right when I let go. LONG STORY SHORT>Controllers sort of busted, What do I do?  HALP!! 
GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I opened up my controller and finally got the courage to clean it. I did it very carfully and works just like new. Thanks for the advice ppl. I now keep my controllers up on my shelf where there will be no Sodas or other beverages.

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Get a new controller and avoid placing your beverages of choice around your electronics in the future? I'm not sure what else you can do to get it to work.

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Ethically? Buy a new controller or try to clean that one, I'd suggest opening it up and cleaning the d-pad contacts directly.

If ethics aren't your thing you could buy a new controller and then return the busted one in it's place... but that wouldn't be nice.

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Pray to Cthulu for salvation. Or, just watch some youtube vids of how to take controllers apart--maybe you can clean up the stuck up bit. I'd try that before spending 50 more dollars. 

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@mooimapigg: It needs to be reset and re-synced to the system.  Use a paper clip to hit the reset button under the controller (it is in a little hole). Then follow the instructions for syncing a controller to your PS3. 
If that doesn't work you may have fused a contact (good job that is hard to do) The best thing is to then either try and exchange it at a store for a working one or try many many cleanings with isopropyl alcohol.   

To clean with isopropyl alcohol: 
  1. Wet the head of a q-tip with the alcohol (soak that sucker)
  2. rub it on the crease around the d-pad (you want it to get inside the controller)
  3. DO NOT pour alcohol directly in the controller
  4. Turn the controller d-pad side down and let any excess drain out.
You'll need to do this a lot. My wife spilled a full glass of champaign on my second controller on new year's eve. I didn't find it until the next day. I had to clean it a handful of times to even get it usable and then about once every two weeks from then on. I only stopped cleaning it at the start of March because it is basically in top form again, except one of the triggers sticks when you first use it.
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@mooimapigg said:




You sooo totaly got that from Futurama didn't you?

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I guess this issue is solved.

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If you wanna pimp it, put an LED on the PS button so it glows whenever it's on.

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This Works with me.... Once my little sister spilt a cup of coffee on my only good controller while I was playing COD. I tried to wipe it, but when I played COD the gun would point upwards and no matter what it would stay up. I told my dad and he said to put it in the freezer for half an hour. I took it out of the freezer and it was working good as new, and the buttons were working better than before!

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