PS3 crashing problem??

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I've been going back and replaying some old games lately, today I tossed in Uncharted 2 and about 5 seconds after the opening cinematic my PS3 beeped 3 times, then shut off and the red light started to blink. Everything else with the PS3 is fine, it will still turn on, still play movies and music. I can play downloaded games off of PSN.

I even checked if it was the Uncharted disk, I put Uncharted 1 then 3 in (used them because they are the only ones I had with me that didn't require an install.) Uncharted 1 worked fine, but the same problem with Uncharted 3. I've tried playing online/offline, patched and without any patches and its always the same problem.

If anyone has any advice on the matter it would be greatly appreciated.

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That happened to me a couple of years ago but my PS3 never turned back on. I'd copy all saved data you have ASAP just in case.

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@N7: Yea I made sure to do that.

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Worst case scenario, you may have to factory restore it. But there are, potentially, other options. Check this out: LINK
It's totally legit. I used it myself a couple months ago when games started acting up. Try rebuilding the database and file system. It won't delete anything important.

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@N7: I'll have a look at that. Thanks dude.

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