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Okay, I have PS3 games, PS1 games and mini's they all can be sorted to fit into their own folder but my PSP games sit out by themselves... I could of sworn they had a folder.... when I click on it the only option I get is "Copy to psp" am I doing something wrong? or can you not put them in a folder?

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I'm not sure about the PSP games since I don't keep them on my PS3. I'm assuming you're sorting by Album? If so, it at least sounds like you can't do it that way.

You should be able to sort by Format instead by pressing Square (I think) on the XMB. That way it auto sorts everything by PS3 games, PS1 games, etc, which sounds like exactly what you want it to do.

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The most recent PS3 firmware changed the way it handles PSP games. They can't be installed onto the PS3's hard drive any more, which in turn means they can't be sorted or put into folders. Yeah, it sucks.

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@LiquidSaiyan3: The guy below you explained the change for me thanks for trying though.

@Diarmuid: Thanks a lot

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