PS3 "Greatest Hits" Launch Today! [PS Blog Post]

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#1 Posted by Sentry (4198 posts) -

What do you think? I like the look of them, much better then the Japan and EU greatest hits thing they have going... You gonna buy any of these games now that they're cheaper?
#2 Posted by Glitch (90 posts) -
#3 Posted by brukaoru (5134 posts) -

Eh... I prefer the original clear cases, that red is a bit much (looks too bright), maybe it'll look better when I actually see it. I think blue would have looked better, but I'm not going to complain too much, good games at a cheaper price is never a bad thing. :)
I will be getting Resistance and Sigma sometime.

#4 Posted by normajean777 (473 posts) -

think they look great i kind of want motorstorm but the new one is coming out but as for the others maybe ill pick up RSV1. as for the others already have them or beat them.

#5 Posted by Cube (4382 posts) -

I like the look personally.

The classic green color from the PS1 days would be cooler though.

#6 Posted by Guiltyspark (603 posts) -

lol who would have thought sony would copy HD DVD

#7 Posted by BoG (5387 posts) -

Ok, we have two of these. I'll default to locking the one with the link to someone's blog.
Don't hate me for this.
Keep up the good conversation.

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