PS3 has become slower, framedrops in games

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First, I would like to note that I searched all over the internet for a solution and have yet to find one.

The problem is as follows since about a week or two I have been having severe frame rate issues in games where I didn't before, Fifa is the only one where it shows in gameplay but Deus Ex: Human Revolution and inFamous 2 all suffer from pretty bad stuttering and framedrops when watching in game cutscenes. And as you might expect this is pretty annoying.

So the things that I have done are: run the vacuum cleaner past the air vents trying to vacuum out all the dust that had collected inside the system, I did this after running the fan test. I also rebuild the database but that was mostly a Battlefield 3 related issue. The vacuuming helped for about a day after which it was terrible again, I should note that FIFA 12 is running of a disc while Deus Ex: Human Revolution and inFamous 2 are digital versions.

As for the placement of the system It's right next to a standing wii which is next to the television and the playstation has about 15 cm of space behind it, which is filled with cables. It's an open cabinet so it should have plenty of space.

I've tried to give you guys enough information to solve my problem, so please help me out here Giant Bomb.

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Not sure about your specific issue, but I've had similar problems playing P3:FES off my PS3 (bought it from the PSN, I have a 120gb Slim). Every now and then the frame-rate will get real choppy, and it seems to stutter every 5 or so seconds, very noticeably and very reliably. It goes away after a few minutes though, so tough to tell why it's doing it. Have about 20gbs free, and it's sitting on top of my entertainment stand in the open, so I doubt air flow is a problem.

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Maybe it's overheating. Get your face up in your PS3's grill and make sure the airflow intake/exhaust isn't all messed up with dust, pet hair, easter grass, etc. Maybe take it outside and hit it with some compressed air just to be sure.

Hopefully it's a simple fix like that and not a hardware issue. Good luck, duder!

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How much space do you have left on your hard drive? I once read that you get framerate issues with digital copies if your hard drive is close to being full.

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You guys should be cleaning out your PS3s monthly with compressed air. My 60gb is still alive thanks to that and a lot of dust will overheat the system and kill it eventually.

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Excessive dust can also build up an electrical charge potentially causing it to crash. That's a huge issue with full size computers since the memory seems to catch dust alot of times.

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