PS3 problem.

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I have searched the forums and haven't found this problem yet, so I apologize in advance if this has been posted before.

I have a PS3 slim 120GB ( I'm assuming it's 120 since my system says 111GB) and the problem I am having is as follows: I have to insert a game disc several times before it finally recognizes the disc and plays the game. I haven't had any problems playing any games so far until I got BF4 for Christmas. I got the game to load, it installed the updates and the game data, and it shows the game menu. Once I try to play the game in either campaign or multiplayer, it freezes at the splash screen at the same point every time. I thought maybe it was a faulty disc, so I took it back and got a new copy...same exact problem. I have several other games that are bluray and they play fine including COD Ghosts. I have tried cleaning out the dust and all that, and I rebuilt the data and still have the same problem. I want to play this game so bad and can't so as you can imagine I am frustrated as is humanly possible. Please someone help me cause I don't know what else to do. Thanks.

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well, you can attempt to go through system default settings, by holding down the power button till it beeps more times and then the system restore window pops up.

I recommend calling sony tech support, I had a different problem where it wouldn't read discs, and had to pay 100 bucks helped fix all the problems. But their tech support is super nice and immediate response, never had waiting in long time and switching to weird people who are reading off computer monitors.

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That's about as well as Battlefield works unfortunately

On a series note that is super weird and I'd contact Sony.

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Sounds like your disc drive is dying. I'd take crithon's advice and go through Sony Tech Support. Most out of warranty repairs are like, $99 which covers shipping both ways. Most people say they get their PS3 back in one or two weeks. Here's the link to do it online if you don't want to call the 800 number. Make sure to backup your saves in case they erase the drive or send you a different PS3.

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I've been going through the same issues. GTAV seems to be the only game that will work reliably. When I first power the system on the first game I put in will usually work. Usually. But some games won't work at all. I want to believe that it just needs to be cleaned as it is really dusty and people smoke around it all the time but I'm still baffled as to why things only work sometimes.

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