PS3 refuses to continue download

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So I signed up for PS+ since they were offering so many free games this month. I immediately started downloading Infamous 2, LBP2, Space Marine, and Saints Row 2. Infamous got to 79% fairly quickly, and now it's just sitting there. I paused it and LBP2 downloaded just fine, but Infamous still refuses to move a single MB. It still says it's downloading, rather than pending like you'd expect.

Has anyone had this problem before? I've tried googling but everyone else with a similar problem had it stuck on pending.

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This happened to me with Just Cause 2. All you can do that I know of is to cancel and start over.
Secretly, I think it's still downloading. I was watching the yellow light on my PS3 and it was definitely doing something instead of sitting idle. So I say choose at your own convenience.

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Setting them to download in the background should help a bit. When I leave it idle on the store page I tend to get disconnected or timed out for longer downloads.

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Actually, for some reason, the first game I picked was inFamous 2, and it was the last to download. It's like my system decided to get every other game instead, which was weird.

Also, once it hits the gigabyte level, it almost looked like the download froze because you can't tell how fast it's moving. I got like 35-ish gigs of stuff overall in the course of 7 hours and inFamous 2 was at 89% (~3GB to go) and looked frozen, but I just set it to turn off when finished and went to work. No biggie.

Basically, my advice is to leave it the heck alone, set it to power down when complete (go to far left of XMB and choose to turn off after everything is finished), and ignore it. Of course at this point you've probably solved your problem, but I still stick to what I say for future huge files.

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