PS3 Slim Running Hot

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Picked up a brand new 160gb slim today as my original 80gb is on its way out and theres still a lot I want to catch up on before I make the jump to next gen. It's a lot quieter, which was one of my biggest grievances against the 80gb but it gets very hot. After just 20 minutes of sitting there at the xmb with no disc in the drive it's hotter than the four year old one it's replacing. Even the cables (especially the hdmi) are hot. Pretty worried but maybe this is normal. Would appreciate anyone with a slim sharing their experiences. Thanks.

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Ye, they get pretty hot quite quickly. I don't like to leave mine on for too long, especially in this hot weather, so I turn it off after about an hour, and wait for it to cool down before I play again.

I might be a little bit paranoid about it because my first one died a few summers ago, but it's better to be safe than sorry. You'll still have your warranty so you don't have to be as cautious about it dying.

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I have a slim and I've never noticed it to be hot, but I rarely ever touch it while I'm using it.

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Are you talking the "new" slim or the old one? I dont have anything to add, I am just curious.

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The Slim gets really hot but seems to handle it like a champ. The Super Slims seem to have a bit more difficulty when they get hot and I've already seen 2 of them die. That's what we get for cheaper manufacturing I guess. If you're really worried, just aim a fan at the front of it, but you'll probably be fine.

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I check mine after a few hours of playing, which is rare, and it seems fine, way cooler than my launch 360. My slim is the 250 gig model, never had a heat problem.

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My slim gets hot and you'll even hear the plastic pop as it expands and contracts but its handled everything like a champ. One day I pretty much had it on for over 15 hours straight. Its a grest little system. Don't trust the super slims though. They just look flimsy.

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