PS3 Super Slim High Pitch Noise

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Hey everyone. So I bought a PS3 Super Slim in the Amazon sale on Friday and as I work weekends I haven't had much time to play it. Just got in this evening to sit down with The Last Of Us and the console makes the most horrible sound when the disc is spinning. It's a really high pitch whirring that is noticeable over my 5.1 and after half an hour of playing it's giving me a headache. I'm normally a PC gamer and used to fan noise but this is literally unbearable. Now that I can hear it I literally can't un-hear it and I'm pretty disappointed. It's the same with AC4 aswell. I've checked online and it seems like it is a known issue.

Anyone have any ideas of what my next step is? I'm not sure if I can return it to Amazon because it's opened and I really don't want an exchange. It's really annoying because I really want a PS3! I could buy a Slim as I hear they are better noise wise as they aren't top loaded but I'd have to sell this one and that's just a pain. Anyone got this is issue or has had any issues with Slims / Super Slims?

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