PS3...Problem? (Please Help)

#1 Posted by regularassmilk (1683 posts) -

About an hour or so after playing any game on my PS3, the cooling fan starts spinning really fast and it makes the system really loud. I was wondering why this happens, and if its harming my PS3 in any way. Comments/Answers are appreciated, thanks.

#2 Posted by lantus (145 posts) -

It just means it's getting hot and starts to circulate air faster to cool it down, crisis averted.

#3 Posted by Meptron (1181 posts) -

yeah, like Iantus said, it's not a problem but a solution to the problem. They just turn down the fan when it's not needed so that the system is quieter.

#4 Posted by regularassmilk (1683 posts) -

Thanks Guys! I appreciate it.

#5 Posted by Subject2Change (2971 posts) -

Mine does it always after about 30 minutes of playing or even watching something through the media server.

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