PSN February Sale (EU)

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Check out the list for yourselves. Personally, I'm interested in Spelunky (cross-buy), Terraria (cross-buy), Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (Vita), Enslaved (PS3), Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. Maybe Tearaway too, which will be on a flash sale later in February.

That said, I've got quite a backlog on Vita already, and it's getting increasingly unreasonable for me to buy even more games (outside of fullprice games I really really want to play right away).

Spelunky is getting a lot of love recently. Is it really that essential? It's like seven bucks currently. What say you? Should I buy these games despite not really having the time for them anytime soon? If yes, which ones do you think are essential? And what games are you considering? Will you buy any of this sale's games?

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