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Hey Everyone! I haven't played games for a while now (at least a year or two). I took a hiatus to focus on school. Anyway, summer's approaching and I'll have plenty of spare time mere weeks from now. I have a PS3 at home, but frankly I don't have any games for it anymore. I sold the few I had for spending money.

I have a few questions. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

1. Should I create a new account and start from scratch? I don't have any of the games I have trophies in.

2. Should I buy physical or digital copies of my games? A friend of mine said that majority of PS3 games are available now on the PSN Store. Is this true? Are they priced fairly? Has Sony announced whether physical and digital PS3 games will be backwards compatible on PS4?

If you're curious about what games I'm planning on buying here's my list. I'm not really looking for recommendations, not that I doubt I'd get great recommendations, it's just that I have a specific taste.

-Portal 2


-The ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

-Heavy Rain

-Red Dead Redemption

-BioShock Infinite

-Tomb Raider

-Dead or Alive 5

-Little Big Planet 2

-Sonic Generations

-Kingdom Hearts HD


-BEYOND: Two Souls

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Okay, so the only things that I would say are good causes for opening a new account are a) If you are worried about the PSN hack that happened in 2011 or b) You want a new username and don't mind losing your trophy stuff.

Aside from that, there's nothing to really require you to open a new account. Also note that any digital purchases you made were tied to that account too.

Anyway, as to going forward, PSN prices are huge, so buy physical copies for what you can (everything there except maybe Journey). The PS4 won't play PS3 games anyway, so there's no benefit in terms of BC for digital stuff (unlike PSP / PSV)

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Apparently, the PS4 will not be backwards-compatible with PS3 games, unless they choose to include specific titles in the Playstation Plus "streaming" catalog.

Personally, I like having physical copies of my games, and only buy digitally if the deal is too good to pass up, but I imagine Sony will support the PS3 long after sales dry up. Pricing for digital releases seems decent. Of course you could easily find more inexpensive hard copies in retail stores (virtual shelves don't need clearing) but then it's up to you whether the convenience of not inserting disks and the lowered wear on the console is worth the higher price of digital.

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You might want to look into PlayStation Plus. Will give you access to a bunch of games fairly cheaply.

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Just keep your new account. Unless your username is something atrocious like xX-n00b-ki11a3000-xx, you don't need a new account.

I would say to start going digital. That's what I'm going to do from now on. Yeah, 99% of games that come out on retail are on PSN now. They mostly cost $59.99 flat. No tax. Sometimes a game will cost $55.

As #3 pointed out, PS4 won't have backwards compatibility but they have a vision to make all PS1, 2 & 3 games stream through the cloud service they have on the PS4.

Lastly, get The Unfinished Swan also. If you don't, I WILL CUT YOU.

Edit: Also, no The Last of Us? What's your problem? Tell me all the games you've played @wolverine

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There is no reason to make another account unless you want a new name. And most new releases have a digital version you can get on release day, sometimes with a discount or a few extras if you pre-order. They have been doing more sales, Tomb Raider was $30 over a weekend sale and they have been doing the spring fever sale which included a lot of big franchises, but generally you can find a better or equal price on physical copies. And you might want to look into PS+ if you are going to go digital, you get "free" games (one of which is LittleBigPlanet 2) and better deals on sales.

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