PSN+ has been a really nice treat and I'm happy I signed up.

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A few months back I got a gift card early for Xmas from a relative, she sent in November which was odd and I hadn't received a gift from her in over 12 years so that was even weirder. It was only $25.00 but it was one of those Visa gift cards so you could pretty much use it anywhere. (I'm not complaining about the price just stating it wasn't overwhelming) at the time I didn't know what I wanted to get with it, I have over 400 books I haven't read, 300 plus games I need to play through, Gamefly and Netflix so I was at a loss. I could of nerded out a bit more and gone and bought some comics but as I was thinking my PS3 was on which I hardly use but I was pumping out a shit ton of Arc the Lad 2 at the time when the scroll message was talking about PSN+. I have been a member of live since launch but I just don't play my PS3 at all so I never got into plus but I had a free trial from the mishap earlier this year so I tested it out.

PSN+ gave out all the Crash Bandicoots and when I was a freshman in highschool I played through the 2nd one and enjoyed and thought hell maybe I should finally play the others. Then next month came out and they gave away Tomb Raider for the PS2 and all 3 Spyro's so I was like hell yeah I'm going to keep this going I like free shit (even though I'm paying for it?). I still haven't played them but it's nice having them.

I turned on my PS3 tonight to watch a movie I rented when I said to myself "fuck I wonder if they are giving out more shit" and I did not think they could top it...well they did.. All three Syphon filters! I played the first one all the way through like 10 years ago but never played the 2nd or third (btw it's BULLSHIT that on the final boss he is hard as shit but then I threw one gas grenade at him as a joke and he died from it.) then a copy of Swords and Soldiers and then all 5 episodes of Back to the Future.

I know these aren't all amazing games but FUCK ME what a god damn deal. I'm a Xbox fan boy to death but man this shit is AWESOME to me. The only thing MS gives me is 50% off shit I don't want. I still play 98% of my games on the 360 and you can check my achievements if you think i'm a troll in disguise but Sony is slowly winning me over (with stupid shit) but still they are getting to me.

oh and Final fantasy 1,2 and 6 are now on the PSN ...... the three I haven't played....someone hide my CC because I sure as fuck can't spend money on those.........

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LOL I haven't renewed my subscription in a while but I know what you mean. PS+ is awesome if you like to try all kinds of games, it feels like you're getting little video game gifts every month. :D

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It has absolutely been worth signing up.

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I agree with your sentiments. I have 50 games on my HDD and I only bought like 18.

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I very much enjoyed it for the duration I had it.

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I couldn't stand the horrid movement for Syphon Filter so I deleted it, but PS+ is great.

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Agreed, PS+ is awesome, so much free over the last 6 months. If they keep this up, will definitely be renewing.

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Only really annoying thing with Plus is that a bit too often, items that were put up on sales/discounts will be give away for free later. So I got burned with Back to the Future, having bought it with the Plus discount in October. Guess the moral of the story is - don't bother with the discounts. :(

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It was worth it for me earlier this year but recently I built a new PC and my PS3 hasn't had much use at all. I guess I will log in today to see what new stuff there is, but the sales have been rubbish compared to steam - they only have like 30% off each time whereas steam sometimes goes as low as 80% off.

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Yeah, I signed up at a similar time. Been so so happy so far. Automatic downloads FTW!

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Let it expire. You might actually be surprised how much of the stuff they let you keep. You can check by highlighting the game and pressing triangle (I think) and see info. If it will go away it will tell you time remaining. If it doesn't say that it's yours forever!

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@GoofyGoober: oh man it's been over 10 years so I can't argue that I just remember back then loving the shit out of it.

@DarthOrange: I was going to say something about that because I have share my ethernet cord in my room between my 360 and Ps3 since we have 2 computers, 2 ps3's 2 360's and we ran out of splitters. I didn't realize I didn't hook it back up but I was playing back to the future in bed last night and decided to play some pinball and I was curious to see how much the new boards were and was like "Wtf? I'm not am I still playing this game..."

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Yeah Plus is awesome. From the free games and discounts it made me switch to a 500GB hard drive as my 160GB was full. The best deal I got was Red Dead Redemption with all the add on content for $25 when in stores they were selling the GOTY edition for $50. Also you should look forward to this coming update, they are having a 12 for 12 sale, 12 games 30% off for regular users and 50% off for Plus.

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Plus is a slow burn but it turns out to really be a great deal after a few months.

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400 books and 300 games? WTF is wrong with you lol?! Why in gods name do you have a backlog list of 400 books, and 300 games?

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I just want Suikoden II on PSN. My copy got destroyed.

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The PSOne classics selection is brilliant, especially the (small) Japanese import section.  

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