**PSN ID Thread**

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Hey I guess this is the place to post your psn id's.
Mine is jtdawg23

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Mine's SumoX

Unfortunately, I'm in Asia for the next year, so I'm pretty worthless to play online with unless you live there too!

Just as a suggestion to people, add what region you live in so we can find people in the same region.

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I'm in Australia so maybe Asia is viable

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UK gamer.

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Just let me know youre from GiantBomb Forums and ill add you.
I Play GTA IV, MGO, and Cod4 online.

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Mine is Caje47.

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Add Me! On PSN and here. I have no friends on Giant Bomb :(

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I guess you can't put this up on your profile yet?  If not, I am sure they will get to it eventually.  This is so cool!

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PSN: Zeschitz

feel free to add me! :)

Games I play online: Call of Duty 4 (most of the time), MGO, .skate.

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Like everyone else, I play COD4 most of the time.

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PSN: Duke-Lacrosse              Ad  me I play Call of  Duty  4 all day long                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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Every one add me!

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if you want to add me go ahead, but say you are from these forums or other wise chances are i will delete you. :)

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Hello Everyone, My PSN ID is AnthonyDwyer

Feel free to add me

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maybe an idea to collate this in a list and split into territories?  or maybe not.  I dunno whats best.

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PSN = Mox007

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efrucht is my PSN ID.
If anyone on here like's Warhawk ALOT, friend invite my little brother, he loves to play and is looking for friends, his PSN ID is dragonstick.

Friend me regardless, I could use some more friends! *lonely* :D

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Pkshields is mine. Just bought Warhawk, so currently playing the ass out of that. Usually in GTA as well, so feel fee to add me to anything at all!

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PSN = whatshisface

GT5 Prologue
Burnout Paradise BABY

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Paly GTA IV, MLB 08 The Show and ocasionally some Resistance/NBA 2K8/PES 2008... feel free to add me!

Uops! Europe, but playing mostly in the morning (night at US) :)


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My PSN ID is www1221 anyone who wants to play some rock band hit me up

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Otacon_UK, I play MGO, Warhawk, GTA IV, Burnout and soon Battlefield: BC

I'm obviously in the UK but won't be home for the entire month of August so.... yeah

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psn id is sinistercaboose.

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Mine is HarryDemeanor.

UT 3

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COD4, GTA4, for the time being.

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Been playing Warhawk again and I also play Resistance.

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PSN ID : vladimirusz
feel free to add me.

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My PSN ID is TenaciousG.  I don't actually play any games online though, I could be talked into playing and being beasted at MK2.  But not literally talked into it, I don't have a headset.

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That'd be me. Let me know where you're from in the request and it's all good. I've been addicted to Bad Company as of late, haha.
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I play BF:BC, GTA IV from time to time, and Warhawk

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NeoTheta, US.  I mostly play Metal Gear Online, but occasionally pop in GTA4 and GRAW2. I play mostly at night. Occasionally in the morning.

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PSN - pimsy

UK gamer

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Robobie16 I accept all invites

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My Psn is F6RainLife...ya it makes no sense

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samcotts said:
I recognize that name from somewhere, but i don't know where.
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Resistance, Guitar Hero III, GTAIV, Metal Gear Solid 4, Warhawk.

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