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I am thinking about buying psn+. When i buy it does it mean i get all the free games ever offered by psn + or only the ones that are free the month i begin subscription?

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This thread shows you everything you'll be able to currently get with PS+. You will not be able to get everything that was ever offered through the service for free because things expire.

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Thank you.

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Also something to keep in mind is that you can store PSN+ downloads in your downloads list, but download them later. Once you get Plus, check every other Tuesday for new content. If you see a free game in there, but don't know if you care to download it at the time, select it anyways and it will be assigned to your download list. This means that once that content expires (usually when new games go up two weeks later), you can still access old free content from your download list even if it isn't offered for free any longer. I do this with practically every free item offered, even if I don't think I'll ever download it. You never know when you might change your mind.

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