Query about cross-Atlantic account sharing, can anyone help?

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I am a Scot living in Canada currently. My poor little brother back in Scotland has recently had an operation on his leg (taking cartilage from his hip to rebuild his foot, sounds like a painful bastard) and cannot get about. This also means he can't work and is bored out of his tits to boot.

Now, I have a ton of games I've bought on the NA PSN over the years and I was thinking that I could give him my PSN login details and he could download some of my NA stuff to his EU PS3 to keep the poor bugger occupied.

Is this possible? Can he still play the games when he logs back into his own PSN? Will he encounter any region-locking nonsense and will either of us be penalised for this?

Thank you, Bombers.

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Not too sure, but I think it can be done.

Wait a minute. Your brother has tits?

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The lack of exercise has blessed him with cleavage.

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Based on the fact that you can setup a US account on a UK PS3 with no problems (and download games just fine) so I don't see any reason why this wouldn't work.

Only thing that could go wrong is there'll probably be a chance of your account being flagged for coming from IP addresses from entirely different regions. No idea what Sony does about that but wouldn't surprise me if they look into it for security reasons

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When I read this thread title, I was really confused for a second.

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Everything will work as easily as you think it will. The only region locking issues are when trying to use dlc from one region for a product from another region. Your brother will be able to just sign in with your login info and download whatever. He'll be able to play it on his own account as long as your account isn't deleted from his system. Hell, he doesn't even need to wait for stuff to finish downloading to sign out of your account. He can set it to download in the background and it'll download no matter what account is signed in.

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