Question about cloud storage on PS3

#1 Posted by Picsl (196 posts) -

I recently got PS Plus, and I'm being asked when I boot up a game if I want to upload my saves to the cloud. My question is: If I do this, will the game saves only be uploaded to the cloud, or does it store itself on my hard drive too?

#2 Posted by TBird13 (106 posts) -

Both. It will sync the saves for whatever games you tell it to during the daily 2 hour auto upload period. But everything will be saved onto your HD first, and games will never actually read saves from the cloud, I don't think.

#3 Posted by EXTomar (4993 posts) -

The Cloud Storage on PS3 is a "mirror". You always save to your hard drive and it later syncs to the cloud storage. You can directly read out of the "cloud folder" but you really shouldn't do that unless something weird has happened to the original.

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