Red dot of death?

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I got a problem, I think my PS3 is dead. I was hoping someone might know a solution or just tell me if it's dead for sure. Allow me to explain. First of all I have an oldschool fat PS3, I got it the year that it first game out. I was watching an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia last night using my PS3. Then all of a sudden my PS3 shut off. Everytime I try to turn it on the light turns green for a second and I can hear the fans start going but then it shuts off and the light blinks red for a little while before turning back to normal. Second question, is the silm hardrive the same as the old ones? Because I don't want to lose all my saves if I decide to upgrade.
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The hard drive is a standard laptop hard drive so you shouldn't have a problem there (other than the fact that you need to use the special backup feature to have everything transfer well). On the other thing, dunno seems pretty dead to me

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After the red light flashs does it go yellow? If so then it's the so called yellow light of death. It happened to me and I was told that if you put the hard drive into a new ps3 it will automatically format itself and you'd loose your data. Don't know if it's true but I'd watch out for it.

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If your PS3 was dead it would be yellow, not red. May be an overheating issue. Just let it cool down.

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Your game saves are gone unless you do some fancy things with a PC to get the saves off - not at all sure about how to do this or if it can be done. The HDD formats itself if installed in another PS3 to avoid any corrupted data.

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Nah, the yellow light only occasionally goes on for a second or two.
If he has tried repeatedly even after a few hours to let it cool down - and it turns on and then blinks - it is the yellow light issue. When it occurred for me this is exactly what happened. It may have been caused by overheating, where the compound inside melts.

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