replacing PS3 harddrive, need help

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I am looking to replace my 80gb hard drive in my ps3 with a larger one, mainly cause I have a psn plus and need more room for downloading games. I don't know much but I understand it should be pretty easy to do, it's just a question of what hard drive to get. I'm thinking 500gb will be more than enough and lots are under $100. here are some of the ones I found on amazon.

1Western Digital 500 GB Scorpio Blue SATA 3 Gb/s 5400 RPM 8 MB Cache Bulk/OEM Notebook Hard Drive - WD5000BPVT .$75

2. Seagate Momentus 5400 500GB 5400RPM SATA 3Gb/s 8MB Cache 2.5 Inch Internal NB Hard Drive ST9500325AS-Bare Drive $65

3.Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500 GB Bulk/OEM Hard Drive 2.5 Inch, 8 MB Cache, 5400 RPM SATA II WD5000BEVT$85

So if anyone could help or have better suggestions let me know. Will any of the three work? Like I've said I don't know much and don't want to break my ps3


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Any of those will work just fine. There's no real rule other than making sure you don't get one that's over 500GB. You run into a bit of slowdown as it takes longer for your PS3 to read it.

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@RJPelonia: thanks for the advice, I know everyone says its easy so hopefully I don't fuck it up

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Any particular reason you are sticking with 5400rpm drives?

Is there an issue with 7200rpm or faster in the ps3?

Edit: I just read this article, 7200rpm and faster drives do work in the PS3, they say the benefits are minimal, but saving 6 seconds off a game loading time sounds worthwhile if the price is right.

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I saw people suggesting 7200rpm didn't always work or atleast some were more problematic. I figured I would go on the save side and pick one I knew I wouldn't have any problem with.

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i have a 7200rpm ssd hybrid (250gb) in my ps3 works great loads games pretty fast. However any game that is disc heavy will still be slow.

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@BoFooQ Gonna do this myself. Do you need any special cables or something?
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@csl316 said:

@BoFooQ Gonna do this myself. Do you need any special cables or something?

I'm also interested.

Does anybody know if there is a simple way to transfer data over to the new HD? I really don't feel like swapping back and forth with the HDs transferring everything via the cloud.

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I actually just did a swap yesterday (PS+ sucked me in)

You can backup your data on any USB storage device, it was pretty easy.

I had to download firmware from to format the new drive, but the ps3 prompts you the whole way so no problem.

The drive I put in is 7200rpm I haven't noticed it being any faster but I haven't messed with it too much yet.

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