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I hope someone here has an answer to this question before I waste more money. lol. I just bought my daughters the Skyanders game for their PS3. The box says 1-2 players. In order for two players to play, it seems you need two Portals of Power. After I looked on Amazon, ebay, etc., I do see some that are available for purchase. The problem is there are not enough USB ports for two portals of power and two controllers. My question is, is it possible for two players to use the PS3 with Skylanders while using two Portals of Power? I'm not in to games so I need advice. THANKS.

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I want to say that you can place two Skylanders on one Portal of Power. That might be totally wrong though.

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You can put 2 skylanders on one portal...

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My 10 yr old just said that when they put two on the Power Portal they get this message, "Two many skylanders on Power Portal". Any advice?

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