So what's the list so far of PS2 remakes and PSP ports coming...

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Eventually it'd be nice to get an official thread going for this but so far all i know of is: 
Metal Gear Solid HD 
Prince of Persia HD 
Splinter Cell HD
I'm hoping they redo Crisis Core (been dying to play this but don't want a PSP) and maybe FFX and XII but who knows!

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God of War collection (God of war 1 and 2) 
 God of war psp collection (chains of Olympus and ghost of Sparta)
Ico/SOTC collection 
Tomb raider collection

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I can't say a specific list that will get remade but I can say a number of publishers that I am pretty sure will do it. Anything Ubisoft published, Sony first party franchises(Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank), Konami, and Squareenix(except Final fantasy 10 & 12) will probably get the HD treatment. On a side note though, I wouldn't be surprised if the ICO collection ended up being the game to generate interest in Last Guardian and Sony end up making Last Guardian a launch title for the PS4.

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I hope they release the Patapon's onto PS3.

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Crisis Core would be nice. It could benefit a lot from the PS3 controller.

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There's Zone of The Ender's HD collection coming too I remember reading... and Silent Hill?

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RE4 and RE Code Veronica FTW!!!!!!!!!

edit: For a moment I was thinking they were going to release this in a disc, but it has been confirmed that is going to be downloadable game.

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great! mgs and re remakes! cant wait for those.  
hopefully they will do something for the final fantasy series. and the old devil may cry and GTA series... 
 and of course persona (bec im not getting a psp as well)

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@copycatzen: Well, it's actually gonna be released in Japan as a disc(which I would prefer), But Capcom said that the Japanese market would rather have Disc and the Western market as Download.

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