Sony Accounts Compromised - AGAIN!

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#1 Posted by BrainSpecialist (575 posts) -

CNET are reporting that 93,000 accounts were compromised over PSN and SOE. SOE is temporarily down.

Sony's suite of online networks has been hacked again, with the catastrophic PSN hack earlier this year is still fresh in gamers' minds. Digital deviants managed to compromise 93,000 accounts across the PlayStation Network, Sony Entertainment Network and Sony Online Entertainment.

Sony acknowledged the breach in a statement, explaining the attack involved intruders "testing a massive set of sign-in IDs and passwords against our network database".

Sony reckons that huge list of sign-in details comprises user lists from other companies who have also been hacked. So the mean old hackers were trying to match details from those lists against Sony's own database.

Sony says attempts to verify customers' usernames and passwords were successful in the case of approximately 60,000 PSN and SEN accounts and 33,000 SOE accounts.

The tech giant says that in cases where hackers were able to match login information, it's shut down those accounts, and a "small fraction of these 93,000 showed additional activity prior to being locked".

If your PSN or SEN account was compromised, Sony says it has sent you an email asking you to securely reset your password. SOE accounts have been temporarily turned off, with users sent email instructions on how to go about getting your service restored.

Oh, Sony. Oh, Sony.

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This isn't really Sony's fault. The hacker actually acquired the log-in information for other sites elsewhere and used that data against Sony's online services. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there that foolishly use the same username/password combination for everything.

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Stop double posting and read what you want to post before you post it.

#4 Posted by JeanLuc (3799 posts) -

@Hailinel said:

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there that foolishly use the same username/password combination for everything.

Guilty as charged. Although my PSN username/password is actually different so hopefully I'm good.

#5 Posted by BrainSpecialist (575 posts) -

@McShank: Yah, didn't mean to double post. Just happened.

#6 Posted by Brendan (8802 posts) -

This is just like when news stations were going nuts over some recall for Lexus vehicles after the Toyota debacle. Also, Hailinel's comment.

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