Spring Cleaning! Breaking down my 60GB launch PS3 to clean it up

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My launch 60GB PS3 has gotten progressively louder over the past roughly 4 and a half years, and with launch models seemingly dying left and right, I've decided to take a more pro-active approach to the situation, and disassemble the thing over the weekend, blow everything out, and re-apply nice, new Artic Slver 5 to the chips that need them.

So I found a set of instructional videos on Youtube by a gentleman named "pimpmyps3", where he breaks the 3 levels of getting down to the actual motherboard of the PS3, doing what you need to do, and then he even has a 10 minute video on re-assembly, which is awesome, because taking something with a million screws and pieces always seems to be way easier than figuring out how to stick it all back together.

So this is it, I'm in it to win it, or else in it to fuck something up at a base level that I can't repair and make a trip to Target for a new PS3. Talking to a few people on IRC with experience in doing this, it actually doesn't seem to be anything too difficult, I've built plenty of PCs and even cracked open a couple of laptops to replace wifi adapters and various odds and ends, so I think if I allow myself the time, space, and my iPad with pimpmyps3's Youtube vids queued up, I probably won't have much trouble making my PS3 as good as new and quieter to boot.

Anyone else done this before? Any words of encouragement, tips, tricks, etc? I'm giving myself a 2 hour window to finish it on the dining room table, charged my electric screwdriver, piled up all my screw heads in one place, and I've told my wife to leave me alone until I'm done. Check, check, check, check.

Tonight, it's on.

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Good luck. I've opened a PS3 up, but it was my friends after it crapped out on him. Keep those damn screws in check.

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Yeah my launch 60gb died today even though there wasn't any noticeable dust around the vents and it wasn't very loud either. I'm having the motherboard professionally reflowed, hoping it would last me another year or two. Good luck on the disassembly and don't break anything.

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Take care of the screws. At all times.
You'll be fine.

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Tell me how it goes, I'm seriously considering doing this.
I currently have my 60gig propped up on something akin to stilts, and it's helped with the airflow. That being said, it still runs loud from time-to-time. I've already had what I assume was the laser that died, and I sent it in to get it fixed for over $200. I'm still quite weary of it, especially while playing L.A. Noire because that game seems to make it run louder than it should.

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@Krakn3Dfx: Good luck. You should film your progress.
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@ConstantRa1n said:

@Krakn3Dfx: Good luck. You should film your progress.

I'll consider it. It could either be a record of my accomplishment or a Youtube video called, "Guy fucks up PS3 beyond repair, HI-LARIOUS!"

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All done, it was easier than I thought it would be. In the video, the guy removed the motherboard from the cage it's in, but I didn't bother with that since I was able to access the CPU and RSX chips without taking it off. Cleaned them up, put on a fresh coat of Arctic Silver, blew out everything and put everything back together. Working fine, played about 15 minutes of Infamous 2, fan still kicks up, but I do think it's a bit quieter than it was before.

Hopefully I've avoided a YLOD situation down the line.

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Good luck with that. PS3's aren't so bad to disassemble when I did my friend's.

DS Lites on the other hand, eff that noise.

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I took mine appart and fixed it when I got the Ylod. I put it all back together and low and behold the disc drive didn't work, to cut a long story short I went out and bought a new one, the old one is there to remind me of my old work nick name, Johnny Half Job.

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im debating...

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sounds great. i would enjoy doing that kind of thing to see what the ps3 looks like. i hope that your ps3 works forever.

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