The Last of Us - Its the little things! (Spoilers)

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So I am going through on New Game+ so now know how the story pans out.

There is a cut scene where Henry tells Sam that he cannot take the transformer type toy from the toyshop however later on Ellie hands the toy over to Sam as she had ignored Henry and taken it. As I now know Ellie would take the toy I watched what she was doing in the shop and she hovered around the discarded toy, looking at it on the floor.

As soon as I turned Joel away she snatched it up as quick as a flash, but wouldn't take it while I was watching! This type of attention to detail has blown my mind - cannot believe how good this game is!!! Any of you guys noticed little details like this that others might have missed?

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The note to Bill is crumpled after he throws it on the ground (I mean when you actually view it in the note viewer). There is a piano used in a hallway that first seems out of place but then you go into the next room and it's a banquet hall... it wasn't out of place at all. The bottle that tips over when moving the shelf with Tess at the beginning of the game sometimes falls off and sometimes doesn't. The curtains in the school section move with the wind. I could go on and on..... These small details really do add so much to the overall experience. Maybe it wasn't so subtle, but Ellie being kinda depressed for a few minutes after seeing the carving of a deer was an attention to detail that isn't often seen in video game stories.

Funnily enough, when I saw the scene where Ellie gives the toy to Sam I thought to myself: "I bet if I had watched Ellie in the toy store I would have seen her pick it up."

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I actually went over to where the toy was to see if I could pick it up to give it to Sam, but it wasn't there anymore. Of course I later found out why.

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CaLe. yeah, all of those things blow my mind. What is crazy is that I find I am not running anywhere, I use the analog to walk everywhere instead as it seems more....I dunno.....realistic??? I dont think Joel would jog everywhere - its as if I am putting myself in my protagonists shoes more than in any game I have ever played - weird I know :)

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The game was incredible for its level of detail.

You'll notice in the final cut scene that Joel touches his watch indicating his thinking of the past and the obvious loss of his daughter.

Just an amazing game on so many levels.

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I actually caught that part with Ellie looking at the toy on my first playthough. I wanted to to see if I can pick the toy up myself and then noticed Ellie hovering over it and she uncharacteristically wouldn't move onward even when I moved away from her. Then I turned around for a second and when I looked back she was running towards me and the toy was no longer there.

What I regret missing is the ability to look in Ellie's backpack when you play as her to find a note from her mom and the plastic toy from the store.


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