Thinking of buying a PS3, need advice.

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Like the title says, I'm thinking of buying a PS3 and need advice. Looking around it seems like the only options in the UK are either the 12 GB Super Slim for £150, the 500 GB super slim for £230 or going secondhand which I'd rather not do. The 500 GB one doesn't really appeal to be honest, more space than I think I'll ever need and a bit more than I'm willing to spend. Now, I'm not going to be downloading full retail games at all or subscribing to PS Plus. I'm going to play PS3 exclusive games on disc only and one at a time, might possibly download Journey and some of those Pixeljunk games. If I'm getting a disc based game, installing it, playing it until I don't want to play it anymore and then deleting the install, is that going to be doable with 12 GB? If that isn't going to be doable, can someone just straight up tell me exactly what HDD (I know it's got to be a laptop sized one) I would need to buy to upgrade the 12 GB Super Slim with some more space? Not even as big as 500 GB, 80 or 100 GB would probably be fine. Apparently I'd need to buy a caddy as well for the super slim? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I didn't know there were 12 GB PS3s. Many games have installs of around 2-3 GBs so ...

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I'm not sure how much of that is eaten up by the system files as well, my 250gb is using about 2 to 3 gb for that as well. if you're positive you're not going to go for Plus and you're going to stick for things like Pixeljunk and Journey though, 12gb should be fine, if you need to delete you can redownload from the store once it's registered to your account.

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How many times can you re-download stuff? On same PS3 and a different one?

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A number of games like MLB The Show and Gran Turismo 5 have over 10GB installs, plus patches. You could always buy the 12GB model and replace the hard drive. The hard drives are 2.5 inch SATA drives, the standard for laptops, so finding a bigger one for cheap should be easy.

If you do decide to get PS+ then you'll need the biggest drive you can find. Last year the US PS+ had 162GB of free games across PS3 and Vita. The UK has been geting a better PS+ offering than America since around last September.

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@tangoup: It depends on when you purchased it. It used to be 5 simultaneously and now it's 2 simultaneously (for games, it's different for movies). You can deactivate a PS3 to add another download for all the games downloaded on that PS3, or you can go to the website and hit deactivate all PS3s to regain all your downloads for all your PS3s. You can only do it once a year though. So if your PS3 breaks and you have to get a new one you will still have access to your games.

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12 gigs will note be enough, as @mosespippy said some game have installs and patches that probably wont even fit on that hard drive. I have a 60 gig, and with just disk based games and some demos i have enough space that i only have to clear some data every 6 months or more. But with something like PS+ you will probably need a couple hundred gigs for data to not be a hassle.

And the PlayStation Knowledge Center should be able to answer any questions you have about changing the hard drive.

And @tangoup, you can re-download anything as much as you like, the only restrictions are the number of PS3's you can have you account active on at one time.

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Apparently it's 16 gigs total and 4 is used by the PS3 so they say 12. Like I said I'm almost positive I wouldn't bother with PS Plus, suppose I should look into a slightly bigger hard drive though just in case. Would this do mosespippy?

If that one or something like it will work then that plus the 12 GB PS3 would be ok, about 175 quid and big enough for what I need I think. I've made do with a 20 gig hard drive on my 360 for 6 years.

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Just get the 12GB one, and if down the road you decide you need more space, buy a bigger hard drive. All you need is a laptop 2.5" SATA hard drive with 5400 rpm.

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If you have the choice , sounds like the 120gb or 250gb is the best option for you. 12gb on a ps3 is worse than no HD on a 360. Believe me, its worth having some space. PSN has ton of content you'll want.

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If you have the choice , sounds like the 120gb or 250gb is the best option for you. 12gb on a ps3 is worse than no HD on a 360. Believe me, its worth having some space. PSN has ton of content you'll want.

Believe me I'd definitely go for that if I could but they're only secondhand now and that seems fraught with danger. I treat my consoles well but I don't trust the average UK gamer to do the same you know?

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