To all my PS3 Duders, I got a question for y'all

#1 Posted by MannyMAR (595 posts) -

So at the top of this year my 40Gb "Fatty" aka Smough bit the yellow triple beep dust and in light of the new Super Slim's aka Ornstein release I'm jumping back on the PS Triple Train. The dilemma I have is that Smough had a 320gb Hdd whereas Ornstein's got a 250gb hdd.

Now I'm not worried about my save data (PS+ Cloud to the rescue!), but would it be best to swap drives before even turning on the new console or should I just use the 320gb hdd as a backup drive?

Yes, I know the 500gb AssCreed3 model will be out at next month's end but I don't feel like spending 300 smackaroos nor waiting til then for that matter. Plus I haven't gotten round to playing Uncharted 3 and that Dust voucher is intriguing. Thanks in advance.

#2 Posted by EVO (4029 posts) -

@MannyMAR said:

should I just use the 320gb hdd as a backup drive?

Yeah, 250gb should be more than enough.

#3 Posted by Grillbar (1977 posts) -

i have a 320gb rand i only have about 40 gigs left so i would buy that one.

also i dont like the look of the new one it looks so cheap and ugly, although if mine breaks down and the 500 is out ill properly get that one but as of right now, the "shine slim"

#4 Posted by BlackLagoon (1770 posts) -

From what I understand, you will need to buy a special mounting bracket to fit a new hard drive into the "super slim" PS3 models, so you'd need to get one before you can replace the HDD. Also, if you do go ahead an switch drives, be aware that there's been an additional step added to it since early PS3 model you had where it requires you to have a copy of the firmware on a external drive or USB stick before it will format the new one.

#5 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

I have over 140 PS3 games with my 320, I'm fine.

#6 Posted by Sackmanjones (5216 posts) -

I've got a 150? 160? Totally can't remember but its fine, sure you need to delete stuff every once in awhile but its no big deal really.

#7 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (5008 posts) -

I just realized I barely download anything on the PS side because my fat 80 has been fine for me.

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