To Buy or Not to Buy

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Recently, after seeing the instant games collection bundle released a little while back, I starting having serious internal debates with myself: should I buy a PS3 or not? Now, I would like to keep my Xbox 360 and not sell it to pay for the PS3, and I am very interested in this bundle, as it comes with playstation plus (which looks a hell of a lot better than Gold for the Xbox) and 12 games. Also, there were a few PSN games I wanted to play, such as Journey and Papa y Yo. Also the price for the bundle seems very reasonable, at 300$.

So do you guys think I should buy the PS3?

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That sounds like a very good deal that I would take if I didn't already own a PS3. In my opinion a PS3 is worth buying just for the exclusives alone, even if you already have a 360 you can still get a great library just from the PS3's exclusives.


Uncharted 2

Uncharted 3


Infamous 2

Little Big Planet 2 (you don't need the first one)

PlayStation All-Stars

Killzone 2

Killzone 3

Rachet and Clank

Metal Gear Solid 4

God of War

And more......there are a lot of PS3 exclusives that more than justify the purchase of the system. Also you don't want to miss out on The Last of Us.

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I bought a PS3 a couple of years back when it was $200, mostly to play through the exclusives. That kept me occupied for awhile, but now that I've done that, I barely ever use it. I play almost everything on the 360. Looking back, it probably wasn't worth the money to me.

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Maaaan that actually sounds like a pretty rad deal, but I would wait.

It's probably going to be said a million times, but with Sony announcing new hardware in the very near future - the PS3 may lose it's luster quickly.

On the other hand, get it. It's a really good console.


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Do your own fucking research! If your on the fence about a PS3 then don't buy one. I only play mine when an exclusive drops otherwise I tend to go with the 360 version. Right now I have been playing the shit out of Ni No Kuni and getting pumped to play a new Sly Cooper, God of War, and The Last of Us.

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As a two-generation long Xbox homer, I only recently picked up a PS3.

And I fucking love it.

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I lost my ps3 when i was burgled a couple of years ago and never bothered to replace it. That being said theres a lot of good ps3 exclusives coming up before the end of the current generation. Im so tempted to buy one at the moment, but it seems like a large outlay when we have two new consoles (probably) coming before the end of the year!

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@HistoryInRust said:

As a two-generation long Xbox homer, I only recently picked up a PS3.

And I fucking love it.

I'm the opposite. Been a Playsation fan since the PS1 and just recently got an Xbox.

It fucking sucks!!! Well that may be a little harsh but compared to the PS3 I find it lacking in so many way from games, interface, services etc.

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Buy the PS3, there's a lot of great games there. Also, it's Papo y Yo.

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You can get one pretty cheap now, if for no other reason, I think PS3 has easily had the best exclusives this gen and most of them are still worth playing.

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Maybe wait until February 20th, when Sony is probably going to announce the next Playstation?

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Uncharted 2 is the best console game of the generation; but is it enough to justify a PS3 unto itself? I dunno, if it was 100 hours or something I'd definitely say yes. There's not much difference between the consoles so the best thing you're getting with a PS3 is a shitload of free games via PS+ and free online multiplayer (what a novel concept!). Personally I've never had any interest in owning a 360 as most exclusive games that I'm interested in also come out on PC (Bastion, Mark of the Ninja, etc.)

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@zpa: If you happen to live in Toronto, Game Centre at Bloor and Yonge sells a refurbished launch PS3. So it'll play PS2 and PS1 games as well as having those 4 USB ports. The only downside is the HDD, with only 40GB of storage.

I just picked one up about 3 months ago, all I own is Tokyo Jungle and Ni No Kuni so far, but this system is great. There are a bunch of exclusives I missed out on.

EDIT: it's 200 bones.

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ps3 is pretty rad if you want to play japanese shit but i'd wait to see whats up with these new consoles and then make your decision.

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I say get it, even if Sony announces something on the 20th (followed by Microsoft shortly after i assume) they will be quite a ways off so you might as well get it now and enjoy it. Also get it now and rack up the "free" games in the igc

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@HistoryInRust: Same here. Other than some seemingly long download times, everything about the Playstation 3 has been better for me. Kinda sad though, I bought it just for The Last of Us and that PS3 Rockstar exclusive Agent, which may never even see the light of day.

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It's definitely worth it at this point. There are at least a couple dozen exclusives worth playing and PS Plus puts XBL to shame. I currently own every Vita game I want and I don't even own a Vita. By the time I get one (in like three years or something) I'll have a collection of 30 or more games to play. I currently ran out of space on my PS3 so I have well over a dozen games from PS Plus that I have yet to even download and they add more every week. The only thing that PS Plus lost recently was with the new Playstation Store they seemed to have stopped adding Minis and PSOne classics to Plus which is a shame. But seriously, I have probably more than $750 worth of games from PS Plus and I've paid like $60 for it total. Totally the best deal in gaming right now.

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I would wait to see if ps4 will have backwards compatibility.

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Be careful if you want to play Uncharted 3 and you end up buying the new 500gig superslim. Many of them have a shitty Hitachi hard-drive that is TOO SLOW to play the game correctly. What the hell Sony? 

My old 60gig died just before christmas so I picked up a 500gig superslim. I wanted to play through the Uncharted games again and everything was fine until I got to Uncharted 3. The game stuttered and just flat out stopped for a couple of seconds constantly. 
Then I discovered this: 
You're much better off if you pick up the 12gig one and buy your own hard-drive.

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@zpa: I'll wait, unless you are planing to play a bunch of ps3 games. rumor has it that the ps4 wont be backward compatible.

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I have to imagine that given how late it is in the console cycle, now would be the perfect time to get any big systems you don't already own.

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