Trying to use Sony 3D Display as PC 3D monitor

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I am trying to play 3D MKV files on my PC using the Sony 3D Diplay as the monitor.
I can't get the videos to play in 3D; I just see 2 images side by side.
The 3D test on the NVidia Control Panel shows that the 3D is working, but I can't get any programs for the movies to work.
In the website "" I am not able to see 3D pictures either; I just see 2 images side-by-side again.
Programs I tried are NVidia 3D Vision Video, Stereoscopic Player, & Bino.
I try to mess with the settings of the input (Side-by-Side, Top/Bottom, etc.) and sometimes in fullscreen,
there is a glitched black square that shows through only 1 of the lens of the 3D glasses.
This makes me want to believe that there is some kind of 3D thing happeneing and that I need to tweak some options or something.


Even if the 3D test works, does it still matter that I am using a DVI-HDMI cable when playing movie files?
Does the fact that I can't see 3D pictures either mean that my computer is just not set up for 3D?
Are there any tests I can conduct to isolate where the problem is coming from? (maybe trying to get the 3D picture to work first)
Is there a way to know what "layout" format an MKV file would be? (side-by-side, top/bottom, interlaced, field-sequential, etc.)
So I know what to tell my video program the kind of MKV file I'm giving it to play.
Are there any tests I can conduct to isolate where the problem is coming from so I can fix it?
What steps/procedures should I do to get the 3D to work? (maybe trying to get the 3D pictures to work first)


Sony Playstation 3D Display -
NVidia GeForce GTX 480 -
AMD Phenom II X2 565 Processor 3.40 Gz
Windows 7 64-bit
Sorry for the wall of text; I'm trying to be thorough. I hope someone can help.
Thanks in advance,

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So I thought about buying one of these exclusively for 3d pc playing, and after a lot of research, most resources said that it was shit and that nvidia does not support this tv as a 3d monitor at all. Good luck though, and i hope you figure something out cause a $180 24" 3d monitor is a sweet deal!

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@Istealdreams: Well, I do have a PS3 to play the 3D games and I wanted a 2nd monitor for composing music on ProTools. The fact that it was $100 on Black Friday and was 3D got me to just pick it up.

I do like display for what it was meant for though, but it would be nice if I can do more. ^^

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