Uncharted 3 controls?

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The default controls for uncharted 3 seem very twitchy to me when aiming. It may be that I have been playing MW3 and gears 3 but it has made uncharted gun fights almost unplayable. I have tried messing with the sensitivity of the controls but not really helping. Anybody else feel this way?

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Uncharted 3's original aiming system was well documented as being flawed for a lot of people; have you tried switching to the ''alternate aiming'' mode? It should help if you're having trouble.

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i thought it was okay for what it was. i don't really like the gunplay in Uncharted very much to begin with.

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I will try switching aiming modes. thanks

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I really enjoy it when someone comes along with a level-headed, rational expression of concern regarding a relatively minor issue that was once treated as an apocalyptic crisis by the internet.

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