Update today? = broken PS3 :( (Avoid 4.45 update!)

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Anyone else got a firmware update tonight and have it mess up your PS3? I've searched and found no info on there being an update and I've been playing online for the past week (Last of Us).

I updated it and now it sits at the wave screen and is just completely blank. The controller won't even turn on anymore either. Very strange. All I could find was someone suggesting to take out the HDD and replace it with another one (don't have an extra HDD laying around). I have a slim btw.

Also, if I try to turn it off it just makes a double beep noise and won't shut off. I have to hold the button down to turn it off. Turn it back on and its just back at the wave with nothing else on the screen.

Anyone else have this issue or, hell, even have to update tonight?

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@handlas: Um I just signed into PSN a few hours ago to play a few matches of Tekken and it never prompted me for an update to sign into PSN. That sucks though duder I hope you at the very least had save backups in the cloud or on a USB stick?

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whoa, not me. I haven't had to update either, but it's been a few hours since I was on my ps3. I might just leave it off for the rest of the night and see if this firmware update is killing everyone's ps3s. But that sucks dude. thanks for the heads up at least.

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Nope didn't back anything up. Not too concerned about that, just hoping there was some reason so I could get it back up and running.

I even just tried plugging my controller into the system and the controller won't even turn on then. Like it killed the controller too or can't find the PS3 or something. But even when you turn on the controller when it's not near a PS3 it at least has the blinking red lights. It won't even do that.

Well, be cautious then. If you are prompted for some update... maybe don't do it?

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Well did find this so apparently there is an update? Must not be mandatory though because I never got prompted to update. For what its worth though looked on GameFAQS message board and there was one guy who was complaining about the same thing.


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I just came across that too!

I tried hard resetting the system and it says I have 4.45 I believe. So basically avoid that damn update cuz it must have issues.

I'm not sure why I was prompted to download it already. I don't say no to updates so I just did it.

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YES! this is ridiculous! My controllers aren't synced anymore, the thing just boots up (doesn't show that safety disclaimer anymore) and sits there like a screensaver. I updated my PS3 and it turned it into a giant screensaver. Good job Sony.

Another reason PC games and Nintendo when friends are over is the way to live. :D

Thanks to GB for existing because I was using google to try and find the problem and then I found this. The GB community is the best :D

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Thanks for the heads up. And just when Sony was getting a lot of good buzz, too.

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@handlas: Shit. . . I would absolutely have gone ahead with that update tonight if I hadn't seen this, that's a huge bummer. Thanks for letting us know man, I hope there is no irreversible damage done to your system.

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That's some crazy shit. I'll be sure to avoid the update. Thanks duder, sorry about your potential loss though.

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I'll stay offline then until I finish Last of Us, then I'll chance it and see if it bricks.

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Because I'm a fucking mad-man I braved the waters and updated and can confirm I successfully did so. Also it totally is mandatory. Just wanted to throw out a not so ominous result from updating.

If anyone is wondering I have the 1st gen Slim 120GB model.

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I hadn't seen this thread and picked up the update - downloaded it, installed it, had no issues.

(I have the PS3 Phat with an upgraded 750gb hdd in it -started as a 40gb)

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Because I'm a fucking mad-man I braved the waters and updated and can confirm I successfully did so. Also it totally is mandatory. Just wanted to throw out a not so ominous result from updating.

If anyone is wondering I have the 1st gen Slim 120GB model.

You crazy bastard haha. I would of been too scared to. Well, at least you got it. Wonder why it borked mine. I think I have the same model you do.

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@handlas said:

@demoskinos said:

Because I'm a fucking mad-man I braved the waters and updated and can confirm I successfully did so. Also it totally is mandatory. Just wanted to throw out a not so ominous result from updating.

If anyone is wondering I have the 1st gen Slim 120GB model.

You crazy bastard haha. I would of been too scared to. Well, at least you got it. Wonder why it borked mine. I think I have the same model you do.

Well, I've always been a "lets get this over with" kind of guy regarding bad news. I did get a bit worried though because GameFAQs is popping up with more and more instances of this. Hope you can get yours running again duder.

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oh damm, thanks for the heads up, will be avoiding this update till further notice, wanna make this ps3 last till ps4.

definitely not the type of thing you'd want to hear if you were sony.

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My PS3 is also dead. Attempting to rebuild the file system via recovery died at 47% and prompted me to reformat the whole drive. People on GAF and the PlayStation forums all report similar phenomena.

If you've got problems, don't reformat your drive just yet; some people on the PS forums tried and apparently it didn't fix anything. Hopefully Sony puts out an update for their botched update soon.

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I updated about a half-hour ago and everything appears to be alright. Hope you can solve the issues with yours. I have heard of system updates bricking systems.

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@handlas: Urghhh! Why didn't I see this thread an hour ago. I installed the firmware and it bricked my fucking system! Just spent the evening restoring the PS3.

I fixed it by forcing the system into recovery mode and formatting my entire HDD. I lost 200 GB worth of games and music. This happened to me once before with a previous HDD. I think it has to do with incompatibility between the HDD and firmware. I replaced mine a few years ago. Its probably some corruption in the drive.

Finally got it to work and for whatever goddamn reason my Last of Us save didn't get uploaded to the cloud. Lost 5 hours of progress. (RAAGE!!!)

edit: now I see that people who are having this problem are all playing TLoU. Anyone else with this issue?

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@demoskinos: @handlas: i was the guy that complained but i deleted the tweet. I just created an account just so i can voice my experience as well. I was playing TLOU when just suddenly my ps3 froze. i restarted the system and I got a error log-in message. I tried to sign in and then got the "System Update" alert. I proceeded just like any previous update. But then when it was done installing.....i had a black screen for about 10 minutes before I got up and turned off the system. When I turned it back on I expected the usual. I got the "warning" message upon turning it on. but that was it. not even my controller would work, wirelessly or with the wire. I googled around and found this. http://www.ps3blog.net/2011/01/28/tips-and-tricks-ps3-rebuild-database-faq-recovery-menu/ cautiously I tried it and it didn't work. I then kept looking and on a ps3 forum found that if this happens data is lost but previous updates have made it so u can connect storage media that contains update data and your ps3 will resume working and you wont have loss of save data. im now waiting for the official ps3 website to update with the downloadable 4.45

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Man, that sucks. I just happen to not be playing any PS3 games right now, or else I'd likely have installed it by now. My latest system backup is probably a month old, though at least my saves would have been on PS+.

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I actually booted up my system last night to play some Demon's Souls and I got prompted for the update. Downloaded and installed it fine, but then when I tried to access the Playstation Store it then hung up there. Had to hard reset the system and then the PS Store update downloaded fine and my system has been working fine too, thankfully.

Hope all of y'all with bricked systems get this resolved as soon as possible.

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@hailinel said:

@demoskinos said:

Yeah wow, this thing apparently is more crazy than I thought.


I have seen other people on my twitter list successfully update though. Wonder what the problem is. =\

According to someone I was talking to, the problem apparently affects those with hard drives at least 1TB in size. Don't know how accurate that is.

I would fall into that category. Upgraded my HDD to 1TB. I read a couple of posts of people with 750GB failing as well tho. Might be an issue though.

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It got me too. I just bit the bullet and reformatted my hard drive. Sigh. Oh well. Time to re-download all my crap.

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Saw this thread as the update was installing. I've got a 1TB HDD and am having the same issue.

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"In efforts to further distance themselves from Microsoft, Sony may have gone too far today. In response to Microsoft turning their consoles into bricks when they're offline, Sony is turning theirs into bricks when they're ONLINE..."

In all seriousness though, my heart breaks a little at the thought of all the time folks are going to have to take to get things back into shape. Hopefully it's nothing that isn't fixable.

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I can confirm that it worked on my 120GB slim and all the update adds. Is the ability to turn off trophy notifications according to the patch notes

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Well it had to happen, Sony's good run was going too well with e3, ps4 and last of us.

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1TB drive, I got just the other day because I was running out of space on my 120.

I attempted to install the update off a thumb drive and now my system boots to a black screen.

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Just checked to make sure my PS3 hadn't already downloaded the update, then turned off the back switch to make sure it doesn't.

Reminds me that I should probably update my cloud saves and make a fresh backup of the hard drive.

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500GB hard drive...but I'll wait just in case.

Edit: If size is specifically the cause though...man, automatic updating is going to turn this into a fucking nightmare for Sony.

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I've got a 1.5 TBer... Don't think it updated yet. Really hoping it didn't.

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Oh God.. Kotaku: Don't Update Your PS3 Today!

Huh.. I wonder if I should disconnect my PS3..

If its already downloaded it and its installing your kind of fucked either way. If its still downloading you can hit circle and cancel the update.

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Huh guess I was lucky in not noticing the update notice. Hopefully this gets fixed fairly quick.

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Eh, I'm going to roll the dice.

I fully expect to brick the system. Here goes!

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Thanks for the heads up. Too addicted to Animal Crossing to go on PS3 anyway so I'll just wait until the all clear.

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Man, I'm getting lucky seeing these threads; read about The Last of Us autosave bug shortly before I was gonna start playing it on Friday, and I read this as I was installing the update. Luckily I pressed cancel before it finished.

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Halfway there.

HEY FATE, you know, I never have backed up any of my saves to the cloud. It would be a real bummer to lose my "Clear" saves in the HyperNep games.

Edit: I guess it was further along than I thought, the PS3 just switched itself off. This is the most exciting thing that I have done today.

Edit 2: Everything seems fine. Fuck you guys. This is now the least exciting thing I did today.

For some reason, a GoW:Ascension patch was sitting in my games list, waiting to install. Two things; I do not own that game and I do not have it installed on my system.

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Thanks for the warning

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Stuff like this is another good reason to not have to always be online. Just started playing Ni No Kuni and I'm glad I decided not to connect my PS3 to look for updates.

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Looks like I should probably turn off automatic updates before I go to bed. Is this only affecting those with modified hard drives or has it happened to someone with a stock drive? My slim still has the same hard drive it came with so would I be fine? Eh, I'll wait for Sony to sort it out.



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Sony has rolled back the update. The danger is no longer present.

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@darthorange: I have an old European 60gb PS3 with stock HDD and the update worked as usual for me.

Hope they get it sorted out fast. edit: Or, I guess they already did?

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