Upgrade 60GB PS3?

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Right now I own the original 60gb PS3 (upgraded hard drive to 500GB) with backwards compatibility and it sounds like a tornado even when idling. I have had it looked at and they tell me it is fine and in great condition, but it is even hard to watch a movie over the noise it makes.

My question is should I sell it and buy a PS4 and hope PlayStation now will be as good as I hope (most of my older games I play are third party) or should I buy a 2009 model PS3. Every PS1 and PS2 I would still play (which is not often) are available digital so I could download them on the new model. I also do have a ton of back log PS3 games to play (Red Dead, Dark Souls II, Mass Effect, list goes on..)

In short should I could sell my PS3 and buy a new 2009 model for $100 more or should I wait and just get a PS4?

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A slim PS3 is probably the better option at this point. You say you've got a huge backlog, just play through those games until you can get a PS4. It'll have more games by then too.

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You could always use some compressed air on the vents and see if that helps, I wouldn't sell it because it's loud at this late point in the PS3's life, you only have to put up with it a little while longer.

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As Sooty says, try cleaning the beast out and that should help. Have the same model as you and seems to work great as long as it stays clean and everything. Thinking about even putting an SSD in it over the PS4 because currently I'm using it more than the new console.

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taking apart a fat ps3 to clean it out isn't that hard. Im guessing there's a lot of dust built up, especially if it's never been opened. Could be that the fan is going on it, and that can be replaced (ebay. people sell the individual parts for a premium).

I wouldn't trade it in, because (from my understanding) the 60gb model is the most feature complete version of the ps3 (total backwards compatibility with ps1/2, 4 usb slots, card readers). Unless you don't care about that stuff, I guess selling it isn't that big of a deal.

also, dont sell it to a game shop like gamestop. do it the right way and sell on ebay if you decide to go on that path.

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I have cleaned it out and when I brought it in to the guy he cleaned it out as well with an actual air compressor. He told me my PS3 was not dirty at all and he also put new thermal paste in case that was the issue. I recently tried again with cans of air but it does not help.

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Hold on to it I would say. I love my PS4 but right now I don't have any games for it besides COD:Ghosts and NFS:Rivals.

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@marcsman: So don't sell it and buy the 2009 model?

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@jamin724: Hmmm. If you value the backwards compatibility no. All in all I would get a PS4 instead of a newer PS3. Gamestops will even buy bricked units. Run your PS3 until it dies. If you miss the PS3 that much you'll be able to pick up one real cheap

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