Was It For Real?

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(this is an older blog post from my blog at http://www.blog.amigaguru.com but i decided that this would be a good way to introduce myself post...)


I was totally exhausted when i woke up this morning, i had just woke up from a action nightmare thing... if there is one thing i can say about my dreams.... they're generally fucked up hehe.

The ZAP mark is typical in my dreams... it means that i just jump from dream to dream or that i fast forward or whatever...

There was a young girl named Alyson and me and we where surrounded by a ghost town, half demolished buildings and shattered glass everywhere, there was no one about...the only thing i felt was a small breeze of wind, it was very peaceful yet very scary.

(ZAP) me and Alyson were running, running really fast and she told me not to look behind us, i heard sounds but i was uncertain if it was us or something else but i can safely say that the sound was absolutely horrifying.

After a long run we eventually made it to a small rowboat, the boat was very small and in the boat we found a "2 way radio/walkietalkie", Alyson decided to keep that just incase...

It was dark, so dark that we had no idea where we were headed, no idea where to go.. we just had to get away was the only thing Alyson said.

We must have traveled miles upon miles by now so we decided to stop somewhere and get some rest and eventually we made it to a small island and while i nor she had no lighter/matches she still specified that we could not do a campfire or whatever.

(ZAP!) i was running around on the island, i heard Alyson screaming but i couldn't find her and eventually her screams faded away and everything went silent again, i managed to find back to the place we had camped and took the radio and a rugsack with me and headed for the boat.

When i entered the boat there was a noise in the radio , i could hear some talking but no idea what, i decided to stay quiet as maybe the guys was out to get me or Alyson?.

(ZAP!) i was swimming like crazy, the boat had sunk behind me and the only thing i saw in the horizon was light from the moon and it looked like a beach infront of me.

(ZAP) i was walking on loads of timber, i wasn't wet at all and i knew i was looking for Alyson but had somewhat forgot how she looked like and now that i was on the mainland again and i had no idea where i was (again)...everything felt hopeless so i decided to call on the radio, the first thing i could think of was "HELP!" and in a matter of seconds i got a response and it was "WHO IS THIS?" , the voice was really scary and it just screamed evil and how he would kill everything around him kind of voice.

I had no idea what to say and again i said the first thing i could think of and that was "WHERE IS SHE!!!", the response i got was "WHO!" and as soon as he said that i heard dogs barking and people talking not too far from where i was, i switched the radio off and ran...ran very fast.

I had no idea why i was running, i was scared, i had no idea why i was scared.

(ZAP) I was a t a cabin now,a small one, looked almost like a house so i decided to try and hide there, when i opened the door lights hit me, there was power in this cabin, i got the feeling that the cabin belonged to a small family, probably dead by now but that there was a small boy living there, i heard sounds... scary sounds and it didn't make it better with the lights on as i had no idea what to expect... i approached the living room, the tv was on, cartoons but no sound and it was almost like "they" knew i was comming, i decided that i couldnt stay so i went outside again but as soon as i went through the door a gigantic "blower" (from umm Dead Island") showed up, i ran...ran ...ran, i noticed flashlights infront of me and almost like they were attached to dogs.

(ZAP) i woke up next to a huge tree, daylight was approaching slowly, i felt all strange and then i saw here, Alyson was just a few meters away and waving at me while she moved her mouth like saying "come here, this is the way", i stumbled myself over there, she was gone but there was a hatch in the ground... i opened it...

And i woke up..... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHG!!!!!!!!!

gotta love and hate these kind of dreams... seems my head is confusing and mixing a lot of stories/games/movies while sleeping.. it was fun but i wish i could have finished this one as it felt pretty good.

I bet the dream had more details but since it was a dream and dreams can be very hard to follow....well this is what i remember :(.

PS:I have no idea why i knew she was called Alyson, it's almost like she had an talkbox over her head stating her name hehe.

Thanks for reading.

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haha, nice plug there :D

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@amiga_guru: I have all kinds of movie/game-related dreams too. And yes some of them are so good, I get disappointed if I wake up before finishing them. lol Welcome to the site. :)

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Dreaming about video games...

I had a dream where I didnt have to be ashamed of my hobby, then I woke up and read that Spelunky was sexist. The most horrifying part is that I was already awake during that last part.

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