What are some ways in which Little Big Planet 2 is better than...

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Could you please a list some ways that you think Little Big Planet 2 is better than Little Big Planet 1, and also please list some ways that you think Little Big Planet 2 is not better than Little Big Planet 1. Which is the better game in general is not the question (the morons over at IGN boards couldn't figure that out, and I hope you all are smarter than them). I'm thinking of buying LBP 2, but instead of asking the typical "should I buy" question. I thought I would ask this instead. That way I can weigh the pros and cons, and decide for myself if I want to buy it. Just in case you need an example, here it is. (I'll just list one way LBP2 is better, and one way it's not. Again, this is just an example of the kind of answer I'm looking for, and therefore does not represent my actual opinion. Oh, and if you can, please don't be too general (i.e. if you think 2 has a better community, please explain why you think that).

Okay, here's the example:

Way LBP2 is better than 1 = better online play

Way LBP2 is not better than 1 = Story levels aren't as good as 1's.

My example only listed one way for each because it's just an example, but in your reply please list as many ways as you can. And remember list both not just one. I want to know ways 2 is better than 1 AND ways 2 is not better than 1.

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Way LBP2 is better than 1 = more ways to create custom levels. there are way more items and a deeper level creation than the first game.

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@ImaTreee: That's it? And what are ways that you think it's not better than LBP1?

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both games are so cheap now why not just buy both.

that way you don't have to worry

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@doobie: Time is also an issue, and the $25 that I don't spend on LBP2 (if it isn't necessary to buy) could go towards something more important. Anyways, please don't drag this into off topic hell. Thank you.

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uhm there's more gameplay elements such as the grappeling hook and throwing objects/ other players. also there's more mini games in the second one and more challenges. there's also way more things to collect.

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LBP2 has move support and added gameplay mechanics.

Anything made in LBP1 can be imported into LBP2 so there really is zero reason to get LBP1 at this point other than price considerations, and they are both cheap now, so there really is no reason to get LBP anymore.

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Just get LBP2, as said above all levels from the first are playable in 2 and 2 allows you create far more complex levels and games.

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Get PS+, only like £40 quid for the year, LBP2 plus a whole heap of other games that came out last year are downloads at the moment.

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@sjs2401: Bounce pads really speed up moving through levels. There is still the really shitty slow jump from the first game but they basically put jump pads everywhere to rocket you to where you need to go. There are some places where you need to use the jump pad with the grapple or lure bots to jump pads and so on. A good portion of the levels have multiple paths. Go through it the normal way the first time and you'll find a sticker that will let you trigger a different route the second time around. So I guess you could say that means it's got more replay value. In LBP1 water was something that you had to pay extra for. It's built into LBP2 which is a kick in the nuts for those of us that bought it for LBP1. You can look up levels online like on youtube and you can add them to your queue on LBP.me and when you go into the game you'll be able to play that list of levels. There's probably other stuff but I can't think of any.

One issue I do have is that when I loaded up the game 7 months after it came out the "cool levels" list was the same as it was a couple weeks after it came out. Everyone who has a level in that list edits their levels to auto load you into their new, less popular levels as soon as you finish them so you end up in a loop of levels that you didn't want to play just because you played one level that was popular.

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You guys haven't formatted your answers correctly = wtf!

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Well, I'm not the kind of gamer who likes to spend "extra" time on a video game. I just like to beat the game, and move on to the next. I have so many games to play with so little time to play them. You know what I mean? Saying that, I'm wondering if LBP2 is really worth my money when I already have the first one, and I don't plan to spend THAT much time on it. Also, does LBP2 have a better single player/offline experience than LBP 2? It just seems to me that LBP 2 is the equivalent of next year's sports game (same game, but with a few added things to make it seem new).

What are some ways that LBP1 is better than 2. I know that LBP2 is NOT better than LBP1 in EVERY way, and vice versa, so there has to be some ways that LBP1 is better than 2, and vice versa.

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