What game is currently in your PS3?

#51 Posted by Kiemoe (1091 posts) -

I was trying to play Persona 3 on my second playthrough after like a year long break, but it wouldn't run :( I really wanna play, but I dunno what to do, the disc looked fine, until I tried to put toothpaste on it :P

It still doesn't look like it shouldn't run, though
#52 Posted by VibratingDonkey (907 posts) -
A Bittersweet Life
Pretty terrible game. Good movie though. Much more martial arty and John Wooy than I was expecting.
#53 Posted by DuhQbnSiLo (2241 posts) -

Nothing... I lent Killzone 2 to my cousin

#54 Posted by magnificentbastard (47 posts) -

MGS4 as usual

#55 Posted by Eric_Buck (1424 posts) -

Dead Space. Got stuck when I tried to play it on Hard so restarted it on easy :D

#56 Posted by TwoOneFive (9787 posts) -

Killzone 2

#57 Posted by zhinse (209 posts) -

It's between Street fighter IV and Chrono Cross.

#58 Posted by the_stig (237 posts) -

Valkyria Chronicles

#59 Posted by spiredcrescent (205 posts) -
I like it a lot so far.  I think im about halfway through it episode 11.
#60 Posted by Matthew (2141 posts) -

It's either CoD4, or the movie Choke...both of which were pretty good.

#61 Posted by ninjakiller (3428 posts) -
@CL60 said:
" inFAMOUS "

#62 Posted by VeNoM (59 posts) -

Fallout 3

#63 Posted by koler (4 posts) -

Persona 4 yo

#64 Posted by thegriefer (71 posts) -

jak 3

#65 Posted by KirillOrlov (303 posts) -

Oddly I got back into Warhawk, I love the options you get in that game... Plus need to pick up some trophies.

#66 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4941 posts) -

The spirit bluray was in my ps3 untill recently.

#67 Posted by AURON570 (1769 posts) -

nothing, but the last game I played was Rock Band 2

#68 Posted by Spike94 (758 posts) -

Ha, Persona 4 is in mine, actually! Or it was the last game that was, nothing is in right now, actually.

#69 Posted by Pkshields (826 posts) -

Bionoc Commando right now actually. I either hate that awesome game or love that terrible game, can't decide at the minute

#70 Posted by nanikore (2755 posts) -

Jak II.

#71 Posted by killdave (1079 posts) -

Ghostbusters ..... .... ..... The Blu-ray movie

#72 Posted by TobyD81 (1287 posts) -

Valkyria Chronicles.

#73 Edited by Warfare (1671 posts) -

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. Good game for the $14.99 i payed for it.

#74 Posted by RYNO9881 (659 posts) -

Killzone 2

#75 Posted by buzz_killington (3655 posts) -

Prince of Persia.

#76 Posted by JJWeatherman (14795 posts) -

If I had a PS3 I guarantee I would have Persona 3 FES in there right now. I may even be playing it. To bad it cannot be.

#77 Posted by Venatio (4654 posts) -

Right now its Persona 3 FES

#78 Edited by lantus (145 posts) -

Really enjoying it too, the cutscenes can be a little tiring how long they can get, but I like the combat enough in between them, it makes up for it.
#79 Posted by Lard (300 posts) -

Alternating between Suikoden 5 and Devil Summoner 2

#80 Posted by iiNF3RNo (257 posts) -

burnout paradise,killzone 2,and mgs4 (i cant get enough of this game)

#81 Posted by Akeldama (4332 posts) -

Silent Hill 2 

#82 Posted by Gahzoo (363 posts) -

What PS3 :(
I swear inFAMOUS would be in it though.

#83 Posted by Venatio (4654 posts) -

Persona 3:FES, it arrived in the mail yesterday, played it for about 9 hours so far

Damn that Endurance Run made me buy both P3:FES and P4 :)

#84 Posted by BlazBleu (113 posts) -

Currently it's Prototype. I'm just trying to get every achievable trophy that I can get. Some of the trophies seem impossible though. 

#85 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

metal gear solid 4. it's the only ps3 game that i have so far.

#86 Posted by ShadowKing7 (748 posts) -

Replaying Assassin's Creed, if anyone can believe it.  I still have fun with it even though I've beaten it.

#87 Posted by TiggNine (69 posts) -

kingdom hearts 2 atm....
trying to get that and persona 4 outta the way

#88 Posted by Demyx (3240 posts) -

I think the Orange Box. However I am about 400 miles away from it :/

#89 Posted by Nets (325 posts) -

Bioshock. Trying to Platinum the game.

#90 Posted by Muttinus_Rump (814 posts) -

Red Faction Guerilla baby. I needs me that ostrich hammer!

#91 Posted by SilentCommando (607 posts) -


#92 Posted by Serrosan (2 posts) -

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger. Awsome game.

#93 Posted by Multibucket (26 posts) -


Persona 3 FES is in my PS2

#94 Posted by nrain (1298 posts) -

Blade Runner the Final Cut blu ray.....wait a minute it's not a game :/

#95 Posted by gingertastic_10 (4314 posts) -

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. Love that game.

#96 Posted by Ineedaname (4276 posts) -
@nrain said:
" Blade Runner the Final Cut blu ray.....wait a minute it's not a game :/ "
You broke the thread.

Fifa I think.
#97 Edited by MeierTheRed (5014 posts) -
@nrain said:
" Blade Runner the Final Cut blu ray.....wait a minute it's not a game :/ "
Man i still need to get it on blu-ray, i´m ashamed of my self now.

Anyhow Motorstorm 2 is in my drive, still haven't finished all events, i pop it in now and again to race 2-3 events.
#98 Posted by spankingaddict (2814 posts) -


#99 Posted by pa21ris (194 posts) -

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. I never got to play it and seeing the second games demos at E3 made want to get in on the story.

#100 Posted by DuhQbnSiLo (2241 posts) -

Jak & Daxter

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