What PS3 model do you have? (POLL)

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The PS3 logos over the years
Simple question, what model did you happen to purchase? I bought the 60 GB one, mainly because I heard they were taking out the PS2 support for later models, and the price was 100 dollars lower, so win-win.    

Updated Poll:

Added the 120 GB Slim, but only added the option of "Slim" since I'm sure there will be bigger HD models released later and I don't think they'll change (feature-wise) much in later models.     

This is the previous poll's top pick

Top pick - 60 GB (37.9% of 359 votes cast)
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I have a 60GB launch one.

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@DapperDan said:
" I have a 60GB launch one. "
same here.
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I waited outside in the rain for a 60gb but ended up with a 20gb. No issues with it so far.

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60gb x2 
and 40gb

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80gb model. came in an awesome bundle with kz2 and mgs4. too bad the slim came out a month later.
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60GB launch.   No problems.

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@artofwar420 said:

" Added the 120 GB Slim, but only added the option of "Slim" since I'm sure there will be bigger HD models released later and I don't think they'll change much in later models. "

Interesting reasoning, but it contradicts you still classifying the others only by hard drive size. The PlayStation 3 article has a good breakdown (excluding the E3 model of course). Some could be consolidated and others could be separated if hard drive capacity was ignored.
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@Kamasama: True, but I didn't intend to leave out the hard drive space, because that's mainly how the different models were differentiated. I could later put the various Slim hd sizes as they come up. But I think to just very basically measure who's buying the slim (of which there's only one hd size) this poll will do.
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I have the 80 GB one that I bought last year. It's nice but no BC is not cool.

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40GB with a 160GB HDD in it.

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I have the 80GB model myself.

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40GB, that ugly little place with not enough memory and no backwards compatibility.

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I got the 60 gig launch model.

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Right now i have a Imported white PS3(40GB) and a PS3 Slim. The white PS3 used to have a 500 GB hard drive in it, but when i got the Slim a couple of days ago, i transferred the 500 GB to that and the 120 GB one to the white PS3. 

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@artofwar420: I agree that you shouldn't leave out the hard drive space, but I was saying that currently they're only differentiated by that. As I said in your previous thread, the two 80 GB models are quite different from each other, while the later 80 GB model is basically identical to the 40 GB and 160 GB models. My ideal poll may require a bit more thought on the part of the user, I suppose, but would give a better indication of the capability of their hardware.
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MGS4 Bundle 80 gig

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  @Kamasama: True, I'll consider that once we get a new Slim model. But thanks.
Edit: I wish editing polls was possible.

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80GB sir.

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Started to not read game discs and Blurays about a month ago.  I smoke a lot in my apartment so that could be the cause.  I opened it up myself and cleaned off the lens with some lens cleaning solution.  Started working again.  Love my PS3.  I think I do everything but play games on it.
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80 gig. Obese FTW!! Fuck the slim

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80 gb

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60 GB. Bought it at a pawn shop for $300 about 6 months ago.

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i wanted a 60gb but ended up waiting and got the 80 :(

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European 60GB with shoddy backwards compatibility and an upgraded hard drive.

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i had the 60gb the ones that first came out u no the ones that play ps2. shops were sayin trade it in for slim version only £70 if i gave in. but i think.... nooooooooooooooo
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crap i voted 60 but I think mine is 40.  I got the MGS4 bundle.  Anyone know which PS3 came in that?  I know it's one with backwards compatibility.

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So far it looks like a lot of people have bought the Slim PS3.

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I got the US launch 60 gb model 

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  I have a 60GB launch one.

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I've got a Backwards Compatible 80GB.

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i like the lack of no ps3... But really 80. 

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launch 60gig -> 250gig
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I bought a 160 Gb with four games for only €180,- just last week!
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Since my hot ass 60GB was stolen from my house at the time, I waited a bit and got the MGS bundle. It also happened to be the last backwards compatible model, making it totally worth the wait. Admittedly, I have played all of two PS2 games since I got it, but it's nice to have BC so if I feel like playing something from my collection, I can.

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ps3 slim and ps3 60 launch

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80 gig, MGS bundle  

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wow, i thought more people would have the 40 or 80.  Wasnt the 60 only from launch?

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I have a 500gb Fatteh.

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