Which RPG did you pick up today/plan to pick up?

Posted by xyzygy (10592 posts) 1 year, 8 months ago

Poll: Which RPG did you pick up today/plan to pick up? (25 votes)

Dragon's Crown 48%
Tales of Xillia 24%
Both! 28%

I am so tempted to buy one of these games before I leave my PS3 for a year. But at the same time they'll be awesome to come back to, and a hell of a lot cheaper too. Which one did you pick up or plan to pick up? I am leaning more towards Dragon's Crown because I am kind of sick of the Tales formula, however, this does look like a slightly more "mature" Tales. Graces was so childish and pandering that it was embarassing but the gameplay made up for it, so I'm hoping Xillia won't be like that.

The quick look of DC just made me drool though. Looks amazing. GAH. Decisions.

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I'll get both eventually, but can't afford either. Leaning toward Xillia first right now.

Still working my way through SMT4 anyway.

#2 Edited by Joeyoe31 (848 posts) -

I bought both. Waiting for friends to come over, then I'll bust open Dragon's Crown. Xillia in the mean time.

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I bought Dragon's Crown. I may get Xillia eventually but I currently have Mugen Souls and FF13 in progress, with 13-2 and both White Knight Chronicles staring me down too. And I have to finish Ni No Kuni.

Edit: Dragon's Crown came with a big art book too. Not sure if that's available everywhere but I got mine from Amazon.

#4 Posted by Samael2138 (249 posts) -

Just played a few hours of Dragon's Crown, and its pretty awesome. Doubt I will get Xillia, because Saints Row IV comes out in 2 weeks, then Splinter Cell, then Payday 2, etc.....

Games are finally coming out again!!!

#5 Posted by McGhee (6128 posts) -

Preordered Dragon's Crown from Amazon, but forgot that their shipping sucks now on release day if you aren't using Amazon Prime. Probably won't see the game until next week. Fuck.

#6 Posted by StarvingGamer (9013 posts) -

Got Dragon's Crown digitally for Vita. It's so fucking great.

I'll either end up getting Xilia some time next year or never playing it at all.

#7 Posted by ATLFalconsfan (66 posts) -

Im real interested in Xillia.

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