Who's ready for Dragon's Crown!!!!!??!?!?!

#1 Posted by Tuxadracles (16 posts) -

If you are please let me know why you're getting it! And also if you're also getting the art book! :)


PM if you wanna add me to your friends list and so we can play some PSN games together!

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Nope. I wasn't interested in it and then Jeff's comments really put me off. His and my tastes tend to align in most cases and like him, I'm not into creepy side-scrolling brawlers with clunky loot mechanics.

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I love excessive punctuation and all, but I was really put off by the character designs. So... I'm probably going to pass.

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I might give it a whirl. I might be itching for games around august.

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Yep, I'm definitely getting it but I'm not sure exactly when. Tales of Xillia comes out on the same day and I've already got the limited edition of that pre ordered so I might pick it up then or the week after. I also kinda want to play Muramasa on the Vita before then but I don't know if I'll have the time.

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I'm not really ready for it. From what I've heard from people who have played it, it's pretty but clunky. So, I'll need to see some better impressions of it before I give it a second look.

#7 Posted by killacam (1281 posts) -

i wasss in, regardless of boobage.. but after seeing/hearing more about it, it doesn't appear to hold up to vanillaware's past gems.

#8 Posted by Reisz (1555 posts) -

Man, you scared me for a second. I thought this was in response to the release date approaching but it's still off in August. Yeah I'm definitely in, I just wish it was a cross-buy title. I haven't read anything about the gameplay quality, if it turns out not to be up to snuff I may opt for that Muramasa Vita release.

#9 Posted by Tuxadracles (16 posts) -

@sticky_pennies: Well sorry about that, but hey if a demo comes try it out :) I think it's just a relaxing game and I've played Muramasa: The Demon Blade, it was pretty good.

#10 Posted by Turtlebird95 (2867 posts) -

I was never really excited but any desire to play it deflated when I heard it was a $50 retail release.

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I've been ready since I bought my Vita on launch.

Reason? I love Vanillaware games, no exception. Even Kumatanchi. I also love George Kamitani, and this is the spiritual sequel to a very early game of his, so of course.

The hang-up on the sorceress is understandable, I guess, but it's not anything that you haven't seen in a Vanillaware game before. The only difference is that it's one of the main characters now. The Queen of the Underworld in Odin Sphere was far more traumatizing. Vanillaware is pretty consistent in equal opportunity oversexualization, and I get if that's a personal turn off, but honestly I dig it. Someone whose username I don't remember compared the aesthetic to Frank Frazetta's artwork, and that person is a genius. I will mention, by the way, that some of my favorite art design in a game is unironically from Ai Cho Aniki.

I'll probably end up importing the Japanese version since it's out next month, and then pick up the US release later on.

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I'm mostly in it for the Amazon, but secondarily, for the boobs.

#13 Posted by TranceQuina (154 posts) -

Absolutely. It's been a long time since I've had my Vanillaware fix.

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I'm not really looking forward to the game or anything but I'm excited that everyone else is excited.

#15 Posted by StarvingGamer (8698 posts) -

I am excite!

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I think it looks pretty good so far. The video footage of the gameplay looks really fun (especially the amazon, dwarf and elf) but I need to eventually read some e3 impressions to see if it actually is fun.

I thought Muramasa was pretty good, and Odin sphere was okay -- but both games suffered from too much repetition. I guess the art is a lot harder to make than most games, so it gets reused.

#17 Posted by Tuxadracles (16 posts) -

@psylah: lol the amazon is pretty hot. :) Glad someone likes the design, but Kamitani is crazy, he's an example of what makes art interesting, that it moves people and can "offend" people. Anyways I'm maining her and crossing fingers for unlockable costumes!!!

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Pumped for wizard tits.

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