YLD PS3(40GB Model) Eulogy [Blog]

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So it finally happened- my PS3 died. For years I have been laughing at people saying the YLD error was common, and for the most part justly so, but I would have never had imagined that it would happen to my own.

I bought my PS3 in April 2008 for the sole purpose of playing MGS4, but it ended being my main gaming platform until I bought a 360 in 2010, a gaming PC later that year(rendering that 360 purchase obsolete.) and a Wii last year.

We had some good times,(exclusives/PSN+) we had some bad times(Sony Gate/not up to par online), but overall it was my favorite console of this generation.

God speed, buddy. You will be missed...

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I have a ps3 fat 80gb from christmas 2008 and its still going strong with no faults. Hopefully its gona survive until christmas 2013 so i can celebrate its 5th birthday with it. Im gona stick with it for a while even after that probably since he next gen consoles arent comingto my country this year or in early 2014 either. But I must say, FAT OVER SLIM ANYDAY!

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Here is tribute to my lovely playmate 40GB FAT PS3. I fixed it 2 times but on a third attempt i burned it. Here is a music video I made about our 4 years of partnership. All the gamevideos filmed while I played from my TV. The Intro in the beginning of the song is PS3 FAT intro and is made by Sony PlayStation Corporation. The song itself is all made by me.

You might also find yourself from parts that are filmed from PSN HOME. See you all on PSN

***PSN Hollmuth***

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