a few questions..

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any word on PSN IDs/trophies transfering over and is it possible to use my wireless PS3 bluetooth headset with PS4? i'd rather not buy a new headset or use the packed in wired one

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The UI ad they released shows profiles of players complete with trophies, so it looks like its carrying over.

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Im sorry I guess I mean to ask will my ps3 trophies carry over similar to what MS confirmed for XBONE where your gamerscore and achievements carry over

#4 Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles (1695 posts) -

Yes trophies/id's carry over, not sure about the headset maybe but I wouldn't bet on it

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@fivegreenaliens: Which headset in particular is it? From what they've said so far, while they haven't completely confirmed it, there is a -high- likelihood your PS3 bluetooth headset will work on the PS4.

Scott Rohde of Sony product development said this in response to a similar question:

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Sony uses open Bluetooth and USB drivers and headsets in both of those categories will work.

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